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Denim R & D studio by Zemberek Design Office, Istanbul


Zemberek Design Office has recently redesigned the Denim R & D headquarter in Istanbul to offer a flexibility working space for the textile company employees. The design concept was built on the physical relations among the users (R & D personnel), products, accessories, and the materials.

The concept is based on the suggestion of establishing a platform where it is possible to expand the possibilities instead of using a desk that limits the size of the usuable space and accessibility.


“We aimed to free the actions of sitting, working while in motion, leaning, meeting, easily accessing the hangers, and observing the products (denims, fabrics, accessories, etc.) from different distances and lots of them together, instead of defining the locations of the actions. It was intended to increase and diversify the possibilities of the way of interactions of the users with each other and the space.” explain the architects.


“In this connection, the elevations between 0 and 80 cm were separated from each other with different area intensities, and turned into platforms for the mentioned activities without boundaries.” they add. With the curvilinear form was supported the sustainability of fluent and flexible movement. We made it easier to focus on products by selection of small palette of materials. We also provided different variations and levels of artificial and natural lighting.”

 1-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 4-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 5-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 6-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 7-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 8-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 9-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 10-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 11-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul 12-denim-r-d-studio-by-zemberek-design-office-istanbul