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Design on a Dime – Free Apps That Let You Sample Decor Before Committing

Kitchen with blue cabinets and white countertop

Ever since the pandemic, people have realized the importance of having a nice living space, since that’s where you’re going to be spending a majority of your time each year regardless of what you do and where you work. 

In fact, many people have taken up major home renovation projects over the last 3 years, simply because they’ve begun working from home and would like to have a nice living space to boost their happiness while they stay at home. 

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home for an upcoming event, or would simply like to have a better living space – it can seem like a long, tedious, and taxing endeavor. 

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be, because there are now apps that help you take care of everything you need to know before stepping into the actual process of decorating or renovating. 

In this article, we’ll be covering the best apps (which you can use for free) that will help you pre-plan your home decor ideas before you need to actually commit to the idea and invest in the material and manual labor. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

 Kitchen with blue cabinets and built-in bookcase

Design a Room

As the name suggests, Design a Room is a free home decor and room styling app that lets you have a glimpse into what your home could potentially look like with each style you have in mind. 

You can check out a variety of things using the app, such as the color combinations of flooring, types of wall designs and textures, different ceiling styles with light fixtures, cabinetry and the many different models you can try for wall furnished cabinets, and even countertops for your home. 

The best thing about the app is that it lets you choose the kind of style you’re going for – whether it’s contemporary, modern, eclectic or a fusion of different styles – you’ll be able to see suggestions based on the initial choice of style you go for. 

The app is also educational, wherein you’ll be able to learn about the different products before you make the purchase. For instance, if you’re looking to carpet your entire home, you’ll be able to see the pros and cons of this decision before you make up your mind. 

 Bedroom with small office area

The Home Renovator

This app gives you the basic functionality that you’d expect to see in a free home renovation app – but also goes the extra mile to discuss the budget you have in mind and the best options you can opt for within that budget. 

For instance, you’ll be able to use the app’s worksheet to measure your living space, enter the exact measurements, and then review the tool requirements and cost expenditure. 

Thanks to this app, you wouldn’t need to hire a separate contractor to discuss the measurements and the final cost of the materials and process, since you’ll be able to get everything you need within a matter of seconds. 

Another benefit of the app is that you’ll be able to see a 3D version of what your new and renovated home will look like using the features on the app. All you need to do is click a flawless photograph of your room – it’s best to use a touch-up tool to capture this image so the lighting is good, and then proceed to see what the finished version will look like. 

What’s more – apart from getting the budget plan which you can discuss with local dealers, you’ll also get a step-by-step guide of illustrated instructions on how to proceed with the cutting and placing of the materials.