Favorites from the past have been gathered in the special collection Gratulera, to celebrate that Ikea is turning 75 years. The collection includes a variety of home furnishing products and will be released in three different launches during fall 2018, starting August.

Ikea has created furniture in many different styles over the years. Turning 75 is as much about celebrating and remembering the past, as it is saying thank you to the many people around IKEA and making favourite products from the past 75 years accessible in the IKEA stores.

 IKEA Celebrates 75th Anniversary With Vintage Furniture Collections

The collection will be released globally in three different launches throughout fall 2018, each launch focusing on a specific time period of the latest 75 years. The first launch focusing on the 50-60’s, the second on 70-80’s and the third and last one on the 90-00’s.

“Each launch is different from the other, signifying its time period; from dark woods with a classic expression to a very playful style with strong colors and then to a more natural look with natural Scandinavian woods and graphic colors”, says Karin Gustavsson, Creative leader, IKEA of Sweden.

 IKEA Celebrates 75th Anniversary With Vintage Furniture Collections

The collection will, for example, include armchairs, side tables, lighting and textiles in different variations. The EKENÄSET armchair, the FÄRGSTARK rug and BJURÅN chair are a few of the icon products that have been brought back.

The products in the collection have been brought back from the time they were first launched, and several of the products have been updated with new names, colors, materials and functions.

The Gratulera collection will be available globally from August 2018.