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Designing Our Lives

Designing Our Lives


With the power of technology, we’re entering a world where hard labor will become a thing of the past. We’re given an increasing amount of power to design our own lives as we see fit. We have options that generations before us didn’t have. We have possibilities that are still yet unknown to us. We’re in the golden age of advancements. Making money and living the American dream doesn’t mean what it used to – today’s generations prioritize happiness. To achieve lasting happiness, however, you need to design your life, and design it correctly.

 Designing Our Lives

1. Focus Your Efforts

The most successful people are those who know what they want. Those who know what they want are happy doing whatever they need to in order to achieve their goals. We design our lives from the moment we’re given a choice of classes in high school. We choose where we want to go, what we want to focus in. Technology gives everyone a massive educational resource, meaning that you can focus your efforts better, know more, and plan better.

 Designing Our Lives

2. Focus on What Benefits You

Too often are we stuck in relationships that only hurt us. Too often do we find ourselves in jobs that don’t benefit us beyond the paycheck. Focus on what you value, and what brings value to your life. There’s no reason to hold on to something that’s holding you back. There are mobile apps that help you find love, friends, and new co-workers.

 Designing Our Lives

3. Make Goals, Not Dreams

Every single person has so much potential. If you aren’t finding your way through the traditional workforce, it’s time to design your own path. There is technology available to everyone, which means that everyone has the same chance of making it big online. You can achieve all your dreams on your phone if you don’t have access to a computer, for example.

 Designing Our Lives

4. Plan Ahead

Living in the moment is wonderful. It makes the day seem better, more beautiful, more important, but the chances are you’ll live to see the day after. Plan to make the most of tomorrow. In the short term, this means fulfilling your goals. In the long term, it means planning for your retirement. There are so many things you need to do in case of the worst. Learn more about Practical Planning Systems and how technology can help you plan ahead.

Having a will is imperative if you have a family. You need to give your loved one’s legal rights in case the worst happens. The best attorneys are ones that streamline their practice, meaning that they use technology to make sure that everyone gets the best service.


Technology is crucial to designing our lives. It can be used in conjunction with a traditional life path, like when you are planning for your future, and for the worst-case scenario. It can be used to help you realize your dreams by making them into goals. Technology can help you design your life the right way, right from the start.


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