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Diamond Atelier DA#6

Diamond Atelier

Munich-based Diamond Atelier has unveiled its latest creation, the new DA#6. Based on a BMW R100R from the ’90s, the bike features classic lines with a slightly lifted tank without any distracting shapes. There’s a levitating effect to the back frame, with no visible means of support. The custom seat and tail unit is made from 0.8mm sheet aluminum. To keep the clean look, the lights and indicators have been moved to the number plate holder, and the cowling is enclosed from the underside. They’ve also taken great effort to hide any visible wires or electronics. There’s even a 0.17 carat diamond that sits in the middle of the CNC-mille triple clamp that gives the bike a perfect finishing touch.

 diamond-atelier-da6-2 diamond-atelier-da6-3 diamond-atelier-da6-4 diamond-atelier-da6-5 diamond-atelier-da6-6 diamond-atelier-da6-7 diamond-atelier-da6-8

all images courtesy of Diamond Atelier  | H/t bikeexif