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DIY Metal Furniture Ideas And Tips For Expert Results

DIY Metal Furniture Ideas And Tips For Expert Results

If you love finding new and exciting DIY projects to try, you might want to consider making your own metal furniture. You will need specific tools and some welding skills to get started, as working with metal is an art of its own. However, these excellent metal furnishing ideas are pretty straightforward, so they are great for those who want to try their hand at metalwork. 

Expert Tips To Prepare Metal

When working with metal, you will need to prep the material before working with it to ensure that rust does not develop over time. For this, you can use a self-etching primer. If you will be painting the metal structures, prepping is even more essential. You will need to purchase the correct type of paint, as regular paint won’t stick to this material. Oil-based paints are the most durable option. In addition, you should also use at least two coats of paint and allow each coat to dry through thoroughly before applying the next coat.

Metal Frame Coffee Table With Glass Overlay

Creating a metal frame for a coffee table is relatively straightforward with the correct measurements, tools, and metalwork skills. Bending metal piping into the proper shape can be done by cutting triangular incisions into the metal piping before bending the metal and then using a sealant to a welding machine to seal the incisions. You can then add a glass overlay to create a modern minimalist coffee table. 

 DIY Metal Furniture Ideas And Tips For Expert Results

Metal Patio Furniture

Metal patio furniture creations are an excellent choice for outdoor furniture that will withstand the elements as wood furniture can easily warp and ruin after time, primarily if the correct varnish and technique are not used. It is slightly more complex to create patio furniture frames with metal than with wood. However, you can follow the same metal pipe bending technique used with the coffee table to create box bends in metal piping. Furthermore, to ensure the furnishings last, it is best to weld the corners as well. You will also need cushions created from sturdy and durable outdoor materials to complete your patio set.

Simplistic Metal Side Tables With Wood Overlay

A side table is just as easy to make out of metal as a coffee table, although the measurements will be different, of course. You will also need a few extra tools when creating a wood overlay for your side table to ensure the surface is smooth and free of splinters. An electric sander and a table saw are essential. Be sure to varnish and stain the wood overlay before using adhesive to secure it to the metal frame. 

There are tons of DIY projects you can try out if you have the right metalwork tools and skills. If you are something of a beginner when it comes to working with metal, you should watch a few online metal bending tutorials to get the best idea of how to bend metal piping and achieve expert results safely.