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DIY Relocation: Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries When Moving On Your Own

Nowadays, there are plenty of moving companies offering their services, but for one reason or the other, you’ve decided to do it the old-fashioned way and move everything yourself (with a helping hand of the people closest to you, of course). It’s definitely money-saving, and there is a certain feeling of pride for accomplishing a challenging task on your own. Still, moving house is a great opportunity for getting injured at any stage. To this end, here are some tips to make sure you too arrive safely to the destination, not just your furniture.

Plan ahead

In order to have everything running smoothly, you had better determine the right date and start packing on time. Nothing makes it easier for an incident to happen than rushing the process. First of all, the moving date should be a weekend, when you are not at work and your helpers are also free to jump in. Then, decluttering and packing go hand in hand, and you will probably lose some time deliberating what goes and what stays. Always plan to have everything ready at least one day ahead.

Smart Packing

Fortunately, today you can easily get any packing equipment you can think of in your local hardware store. So, what can go wrong then? For example, pay special attention when wrapping up sharp objects such as knives or tools, or you may end up hiring a moving service because of a “small cut”. Of course, protect fragile and sensitive objects, and clearly label each box. That way, you’ll immediately know how heavy a box is without trying it out and possibly hurting your back.

Call for Help

You needn’t do everything on your own even though you’re not hiring a shipping service. Call your friends or family in advance and let them know when their help will be needed. Don’t try to be the hero of the day, but rather make sure everybody has a task. Moreover, don’t do all the heavy lifting if you don’t have to. A lot can be avoided if you rent or buy a dolly.

Organize the Sitting

If you have small children, it would be best if they were completely excluded from what is going on the big day. Therefore, plan ahead for them to stay with a relative or a friend. In addition, your pets shouldn’t be present either – this is no time to play, and your pet is bound to get excited with all the movement around the house. The last thing you need is tripping over your furry friend, or even stepping on it. One of you will get hurt for sure, so organize pet sitting, too.

 DIY Relocation: Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries When Moving On Your Own

Dress for the Occasion

In short, this means no loose or baggy clothes. Indeed, your clothing should be comfortable, but not too wide to impair your movements. Also, it should be breathable and adjusted to the current weather. Don’t forget about your footwear either. No slippers, high heels or flip-flops allowed unless you wish for an accident to happen.

Safe Loading

As we have already mentioned, use the dolly to the most. You and your company will have to do some good old lifting anyway, but bear in mind the basic rule for whichever box or piece of furniture you are planning to tackle. First of all, your back shouldn’t be arched. Secondly, make sure your core muscles are tight and ready before you try to lift the object, and that your knees aren’t going over your feet.

Moreover, plan ahead how you are going to stack everything into the moving truck.

Driving Tips

Before everything else, ask yourself if you’re really up for driving a big, moving truck without any damage to the cargo or yourself and anyone riding with you. That refers to not only how skilled a driver you are, but how fit you feel on the moving day. Bear in mind that all the heavy lifting and organizing everything and everybody will take a toll on you. To avoid fatigue, you should have slept well the previous night, eaten snacks during the day and hydrated regularly. Any alcohol is out of question, as well as marijuana use. Despite the fact that the latter may be completely legal in your state, driving when you are high is strictly forbidden. Interestingly enough, cannabis has completely opposite effects on your driving capabilities compared to alcohol, but it is prohibited nevertheless.

Safe Unpacking

Finally, when you reach your destination, it goes without saying that most of the above rules should be applied once again. A move isn’t over till the last item is unwrapped and the last armchair set in its place.

Do follow our tips and you’ll have a hassle-free, safe moving experience. Not only for your sake, but for the sake of all the people helping you. By putting yourself in danger, you would be risking their health, too.