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Do Garden Rooms Add Value

Do Garden Rooms Add Value

Choosing to add a garden room to your property is a great way to incorporate additional space onto your property. Garden rooms provide an area for various purposes such as a gym, office, children’s play area, an annexe, or simply a social room. An added benefit of a garden room is the value it can add to your property and although there is no specific figure as to how much this could add to your property, according to Cambridgeshire based company, Snuggeries, suggest a garden room could add 1.5 times its cost to the value of a home on the market. This is however, dependent upon the design, and size. The value a garden room will add to your property will certainly cover the cost of buying/designing one with your chosen company. 

How a garden room adds value to your property

There are a number of reasons why a garden room will add value to your property, for example:

Wow factor!

A garden room adds wow factor to your home as the design will be unique to your garden. This additional room can transform a garden and could be the deciding factor for buyers when choosing between your home and another. 

Increase in number of people looking to work from home

With the number of people now working from increasing and likely to stay this way even after the pandemic, the demand for working space within a property is in demand. The demand for this on the market has increased, so being able to offer this with a garden room will make you home valuable to potential buyers. 

 Do Garden Rooms Add Value

Increase in total available floor space

For smaller properties, a garden room Is the perfect way to add some additional floor space without the need for planning permission which would be typical of conventional extensions. Avoid the hassle of building extensions or loft conversions, and opt for a hassle-free, cost-effective method of adding floor space to your property. This can then be transformed into what ever you desire, from a home gym to an additional bedroom. 

Huge upturn in demand for home gyms

As a result of the pandemic, many people have ditched the gym membership for free at home workouts. Be the talk of the town with your very own home gym, complete with electricity and Wi-fi. A garden room will provide an ample amount of space to get your sweat on. Whilst being of value when put on the market as the demand for home gyms is increasing. 

Aesthetic improvement to the garden area

A garden room can really improve the appearance of a garden, particularly if you are not a keen gardener. The special design will capture the eyes of visitors and potential buyers. 

Do garden rooms need planning permission? 

With these benefits in mind, it seems like a no-brainer to install a garden room to your garden for the joy of having additional space and adding some value to your property! Usually when adding an extra room to your house you would need planning permission. This is often a costly and time-consuming process which can cause hassle with both builders and your neighbours. However, with most garden rooms you will not need to seek planning permission. Making them an extremely attractive option when it comes to adding additional space to your home.