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Do You Wish to Replace Your Old Boring Staircase with a Spectacular Showpiece? Here’s What You Need to Know

Designing a staircase is completely different from designing a room or a kitchen. Even, a lot of people don’t consider it as an important part while building a new house of some other building. But strictly speaking, designing a staircase is equally important as designing any other part of your house. It plays an important role in deciding the appearance of your house.

Designing staircases majorly depends upon two factors. The first one is deciding all the possible activities that you might be doing on and around the stairs. Once you have noted down all the possible activities, the second important factor is to select the appropriate type of staircase based on these activities and the outlook of your house.

Here in this article, we have briefly discussed these two major factors to help you choose one among the best types of staircases available. So without wasting any further time, let’s dive into our first contributing factor, the activities you are going to perform.

Staircase activities

Honestly speaking, there isn’t much to say about this. Only you can decide what you are going to do on the stairs in your house. But there is a possibility that you might miss some important activity that majorly affects your staircase. So, we have noted down some of the important activities that you might be doing on your stairs. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Before considering any activity, you should keep in mind the outlook of your house. You should choose the type of staircase based on the appearance of your house, whether it is a luxurious mansion or a small house with not so modern touch.
  • Now, the first important thing is whether you want to build a storage cabinet under the stairs or not.
  • What artifacts do you wish to use to decorate the walls around your staircase? If you are using some modern portraits or artifacts, you should opt for a modern-looking staircase. Otherwise, match your artifacts with an old-styled staircase.
  • If you would need to use the stairs to shift some furniture or other heavy stuff to upper floors, you must opt for some strong material for your staircase. For example, putting on heavy objects on the glass stairs won’t be a good idea.
  • If you have small kids in your house, opt for some safer material.
  • Another important factor that you must focus on is the area around the staircases. If it’s a small house and there isn’t much area around the stairs, you should opt for some compact design that won’t cover extra spaces. Otherwise, it might look too bulky for your house. Similarly, a small staircase in a large house will leave too much space in your house affecting the design and beauty of your house.
  • The climate you live in. The atmosphere around you live in is a significant factor to be that is to be considered while deciding your staircase material.

Now that we have seen all the possible activities, it’s time to choose the best-suited design for your house. So let’s have a look at what types of staircases are available in the market.

 Do You Wish to Replace Your Old Boring Staircase with a Spectacular Showpiece? Here’s What You Need to Know

Types of staircases based on its material

The type of your staircase should always match the interior of your house. The staircases are categorized based on the material used to make them and the material you choose should be following the rest of your home’s interior design. So let’s have a look at the different types available.

Wooden staircases

If you already have your house built on wooden interiors then wooden staircases will be the perfect match for your house. Wooden staircases have certain benefits as they can be easily twisted and crafted into different shapes. Also, they are more flexible as compared to other materials used for making staircases, thus lesser chances of getting damaged.

Metal staircases

Metallic staircases are a perfect fit for houses with metallic and glass interiors. Metals are strong material and if you wish to lift heavy materials through your staircases as we mentioned earlier then they will be the perfect type for your house. Metallic stairs also give you a classy look as you have an option to paint most of them according to the interior of your house. Thus you can modify them as you wish to give them the best-suited look. However, most metals are prone to get rusted. Thus using metallic staircases in the outdoors won’t be a good idea. Otherwise, it will take a lot of care to stay strong and unaffected.

Stone staircases

Stone staircases are a great way to opt for a more stylish and royal look. Marbles and quartz are the general material used in these types of staircases. These staircases are more durable, strong, and are perfect for heavy usage. They are easy to clean as stones do not get affected with anything so easily and they can last for longer durations. That is the reason why most hotels and restaurants prefer stone staircases.

Glass staircases

Glass staircases are much popular to provide the most luxurious look out of any other types of staircases available. Generally, they suit in big mansions with larger open areas and with modern interiors. Now, you might be concerned that how can staircases be made up of glasses? Could they even bear the human weight or not? Well, the glasses used in these stairs are specially made and tested to ensure maximum safety. Glasses made for staircases are very strong to carry heavyweights.

The glass staircase is suitable for the most luxurious mansions and thus they provide you larger options to add special features to them to make them look more attractive. Using the lights along with the glass stairs can beautifully amplify the luxurious looks of your house.

Brick staircases

Bricks are usually used for exteriors. Generally, they are used for outdoor steps and in the gardens. However, some people who have designed their houses in brick patterns use the brick staircases in the interiors of the house as well. Generally, these steps are not preferred by most people as they are very rough and heavy. But it’s all up to the choice of the owner of the house. If you like the brick steps, you can opt for them.

Types of Staircase based on its design

These were the different types of staircases based on the materials used to make them. Now that you have known enough of the staircases, it’s time to choose the shape, in which you want to install the stairs in your house. There are eight-measure shapes of stairs available namely straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, Winder, Spiral, Curved, Ladder, and Bifurcated. So, choose the best shape as per the area of your house which suits the best design of your interiors.

We hope you find this article helpful to choose the best design of the staircases for your house to convert them into a spectacular masterpiece. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to hit us up in the comment section. For more informative content on staircase designs and interior designing, you can visit us on our website.