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Does Air Conditioning Air Good For Health? Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning 

Does Air Conditioning Air Good For Health? Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning 

Having a good HVAC system gives you comfort and lets you survive drastic temperatures, but you might not connect the machine to your health. An air conditioner gives you several health benefits that some don’t know about. The following are a few examples worth highlighting. 

Fights Humidity

As described at Furnace USA Air Conditioning site, the first thing that should be pointed out is that an air conditioner is going to help control the humidity. Yes, anyone who has experienced high humidity knows how uncomfortable it can feel, but humidity can create other issues worth mentioning. For one, if you live in a home where the humidity is not controlled, you might create the perfect condition for dust mites. 

You know that this could cause allergies for sensitive people. It should also be pointed out that mold loves moisture, so high humidity is not good. Mold is not always easy to spot, and if it gets bad, it could also affect your allergies. What’s worse is that mold could also cause damage to your home. It should also be pointed out that the chances of getting dehydrated are higher if you don’t control the humidity in your home. 

Addresses Asthma

If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma, then having good air conditioning is vital. Furthermore, it’s also important to make sure you have a good filter and that you continue to change it as recommended on the package. An AC is going to help prevent mold growth and dust mites, which can trigger asthma attacks, but if you don’t replace your filter, it might backfire on you. 

The air that circulates into your home needs to be filtered constantly to ensure that no pollutants make it into the air. This is the reason you need to make sure you are staying on top of that filter of yours. Usually, you have to change your filter every month, but sometimes, they can last up to two months. Those who live in a highly polluted area may need to change the filter every two weeks. 

Pro-Immune System

You should know that having an AC system with a good air filter can also help keep your immune system from working overtime. Indoor air quality can be the difference between getting sick or not. If you don’t care for your indoor air quality, then you might end up circulating things like bacteria. If one person in your home is sick, then the chances of you catching it are relatively high. 

You could get all those things no one wants, like a cold. Making sure your AC has a good filter ensures that the air that is circulated is clean air you can breathe without feeling like you are going to get sick. Now, you must make sure you get a good filter if you are worried about the air quality in your home. What you are going to be looking for is a high MERV number rather than the filters on the low end.

 Does Air Conditioning Air Good For Health? Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning 

Fights Pests

Some people don’t know that having an AC and keeping your home relatively cool can help keep pests away. This does mean ants, house flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Now, no one is saying that an AC is the most effective tool, but it helps reduce the chances of seeing these things show up in your home. 

The reason this works is that most insects like warm temperatures and prefer a humid place. You’ll be removing both of those things using your AC, which makes your place a little less friendly to these pests. No homeowner wants to deal with pests, but a functioning air conditioning system also helps keep you and your family safe. Pests can carry all sorts of diseases, so keeping your home free of these things can keep you and everyone healthy. 

Promotes Peace

Temperature can have a strange effect on people’s moods. If it’s too cold, some folks can get depressed, and if it’s too hot, then some folks can end up feeling more stressed than usual. Too much stress could end up affecting your mood, robbing you of peace. That’s something no homeowner should have to deal with and you don’t have to with an AC system. There’s no need to put yourself or anyone in your family in the position of feeling upset when you don’t need to be. 

You also have to keep in mind that too much stress throughout the day could end up causing your body to overproduce cortisol, which is a hormone sometimes referred to as the stress hormone. When the time is right, cortisol is pretty helpful; it helps your body prepare to fight or flee. It helps you pump blood faster among other things, but the problem is too much cortisol can lead to all sorts of issues. You could develop high blood pressure, or you might end up gaining more weight than you need to. 

Enhanced Sleep

Air conditioning can also help improve your quality of sleep. Yes, all you have to do is ensure that your air conditioner is set a little cooler than room temperature before you go to sleep. The brain produces melatonin, which is the sleep hormone, and it does so more effectively if you are in a completely dark room with the temperature slightly cooler than normal. 

The reason you want to worry about sleeping well is that sleep does the body a lot of good. For one, sleeping well helps your body repair, and it helps rebuild your muscles. Those who are exercising need to ensure those muscles are getting repaired. Having a good night’s sleep also gives you better control of your mood, and that’s good for everyone around you. If you sleep well, you’re also allowing your brain to make long-term memories. 

Hopefully, this information helps you see how important having a good air conditioner at home is. The world is full of all sorts of dangers to your health, so everything you can do to be a little healthier is a good thing.