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Downsizing? Tips for Those Joining the Mobile Home Boom

Downsizing? Tips for Those Joining the Mobile Home Boom

Andrea Davis from Pexels|Andrea Davis from Pexels

Mobile homes weren’t always sought after. For a long time, many people saw them as undesirable compared to traditionally built houses. However, that is changing — and quickly. Mobile home sales have been soaring in recent years.

With their lower price per square foot, quicker build time, and drastic design improvements, mobile homes are gaining popularity. Since there is so much buzz around manufactured homes, you may be wondering if it’s the right option for you.

Let’s go over the basics, from mobile home insurance costs to choosing the right location so you can determine if a mobile home will suit your needs.

Where are mobile homes gaining the most popularity?

The frontrunner of the mobile home boom is in Texas. As of April 2020, over 100,000 manufactured houses reside in the state. Following Texas are Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina.

If you noticed a pattern in the location of mobile homes, you’re not alone. The southern U.S. is home to over 50% of the country’s manufactured houses. There is a long history of why the South is home to more prefabricated homes than other regions.

In times past, mobile homes were often seen as a sign of poverty. However, with new designs and more modern amenities, manufactured homes are quickly changing their reputation.

 Downsizing? Tips for Those Joining the Mobile Home Boom

Why are mobile homes gaining popularity?

There are many reasons why manufactured homes are catching the attention of buyers recently. People are noticing the updates and upgrades for a much more reasonable price tag.

Mobile Homes Are Much Cheaper 

Many people wish for a new home. Pre-owned homes can come with a lot of headaches — from unforeseen home renovations to outdated features. Some may simply not want to deal with the headache of an older home. 

Having a brand new home is an expensive purchase, however. Building costs can run up quickly and far exceed the buyer’s expectations when the process is all said and done. 

Prefabricated homes can solve some headaches while still offering a brand-new home. Their cost is much lower since they are not built on site but instead manufactured in an assembly line setting. 

This lower price tag can make the dream of owning a home a lot more achievable for many people. All you’ll need is a place to set your mobile home, and you can be a brand new homeowner with a lot less cost involved. 

It’s important to remember when purchasing a mobile home that while you will save costs on the home itself, you may have to pay more for your insurance coverage. Due to their structure, prefabricated homes can be at higher risk for damages from strong winds and fires.

Your insurance company will take note of this risk and up your insurance costs. While these costs likely won’t be enough to stray you from the savings a manufactured home offers, they are important to understand and be aware of. 

Mobile Homes Are Quicker to Build

Most people plan out a year-long timeline when building a new home. Many factors can delay construction, so extended timelines are always safest.

When it comes to manufactured homes, harsh weather and possible delays don’t happen. Most mobile homes can be ready for their owners in about three months. This is a drastic difference from a traditionally built home. 

Mobile Homes Are Getting Serious Upgrades

Prefabricated homes of years past were often associated with cheap materials and low quality. That is all changing in recent times. Mobile homes have been upgraded with better quality and safety features.

Energy efficiency has made its way into manufactured homes. Combined with sleek designs that rival any traditional home, mobile houses are not the same quality they once were.

These upgrades are a large part of their boom. Pre-built homes are catching many people’s eyes with their new designs.

 Downsizing? Tips for Those Joining the Mobile Home Boom

What to Look for When Purchasing a Mobile Home

Although the process of building a manufactured home may be fairly simple, there is a lot that goes into the buying process. Before you decide to purchase a mobile home, there are a few things to consider.

Size and Layout of Your Mobile Home

Many mobile homes appear similar from the outside. Though their exteriors may differ, their general architecture has a common look.

Even with those similarities, there are still many differences between prefabricated homes. If you decide you want to purchase one of these houses, you will have to consider what size suits your needs and what layout works best for you.

Mobile homes generally come in three sizes — single, double, and triple wide. After determining the size you want, you will have a variety of layout options to choose from. Layout choices may differ from builder to builder, so it’s important to look into the options your company offers.

Location of Your Mobile Home

When it comes to placing a manufactured home, people typically choose between a mobile home park or private land. Both options have their pros and cons.

When you opt to place your prefabricated home in a park, you can forgo the worry of purchasing land ahead of time and putting a large down payment on it. You may also have lower monthly mortgage payments when you live in a mobile home park. 

On the downside, placing your manufactured home in a park provides you with less privacy than private land. You may also see the price of your home decrease in value over time. It’s important to do your research and ask questions before deciding a mobile home park is right for you.

Private land can be a great option for those who can afford it. Your home holds more value when combined with a piece of land. There is also better privacy and more freedom when you place your home in a space all your own.

Difficulties with private land may include the cost itself. You will have to produce a down payment to purchase the ground, along with preparations for the land itself, such as driveway installation, well, and septic. You will also have to determine services like trash pickup, internet, and utilities.

It’s essential to research and determine which placement works better for you. Both options have positives and negatives, so taking the time to weigh your choices will help you make the right decision.

Understanding the Mobile Home Boom

Their reputations may have preceded them until recently, but manufactured homes are making serious strides in their look and appeal. From reasonable prices to various options to choose from, it’s no wonder so many people are opting to join the mobile home boom.

Manufactured homes offer many people a chance at owning a custom new house — an opportunity they may not have been able to achieve with a traditional home. If you have decided to purchase one of these prefabricated homes, it’s essential to do your research and find an option that works best for you. 



Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the home insurance comparison site, MobileHomeInsuranceQuotes.org. She is currently renovating her own home and enjoys helping people understand their home purchasing options.