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Easy Steps to Take to Renew Tired Old Table

Easy Steps to Take to Renew Tired Old Table

There is nothing quite like the pressure of hosting a dinner party. Whether it be for your family and friends or work colleagues, the stress can get to the best of anyone. And there is nothing worse than making a delightful dinner with beautiful wine pairings, only to serve the food on a tired old dining table. If you have blown all your cash on the delectable food, here are a few easy steps to renew those sad-looking tables.

Table Covers

This is by far the simplest solution though also perhaps the least long-lasting. Though they should not be discounted for this reason. In recent history there have been significant upgrades to the humble table cover, meaning they are no longer just loose pieces of fabric. Elastic vinyl table covers can bring a convincing new look to your table with a snug fit that prevents wrinkles and maintains its water-resistant nature. They are reasonably priced are so easy to fit.


This is another simple solution that requires a little more labor than a table cover but not by much. You can simply paint your table. A couple of ideas you could use is to paint the legs and apron a block color and then revarnish the top. This will add a nice contrast to your table without too much effort. You could even take this idea further and paint the table legs and top two contrasting and yet complementary colors. Think light pastel colors with darker wood colors.

 Easy Steps to Take to Renew Tired Old Table


To get an eye-catching design for your table without the cost of replacing it, you could buy or create a stenciled design for your table. You could even make one from another table cover. Then, all you need to do is add the paint. It would be wise to varnish and paint a base color for your stenciled design that will allow your design to stand out. Pick a nice bold color for your design to ensure that it stands out. This should take no time at all and can have some wonderful results.


Sometimes the most effective option is one of the simplest. You could always strip back your table and sand it down. This will get rid of the rougher edges on the table and produce a nice smooth finish. Top this off with some varnish and you are good to go. This works particularly well if your table is made from natural wood. It may not be as effective on man-made wood, but with a lick of paint, you can ensure that the smooth finish is highlighted.


This is becoming quite a popular trend. Adding sheet metal like zinc, stainless steel, copper, and brass to your tabletop can make your table stand out. This can be quite a complicated process and may require some help if you are not confident in your abilities. This is not to say it requires a professional. Just remember to take your time and you will have a feature piece in no time.

Dining Tables

The easy thing to do is to buy a new one but you can save loads of cash and have something that you have made and designed in your home if you upcycle your table.