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A Mirrored Beach Hut Lands on Worthing Beach

ECE Architecture

On a beach in Worthing, UK, local firm ECE Architecture gave a fresh twist to a classic beach structure. Collaborating with Mark Sephton from the Creative Forager — to realize an installation that would engage the locals and get them talking — the team spent six weeks designing and building the classic beach hut structure using laser-cut mirrored acrylic sheets on wooden panels. Passers-by delighted in playing with the unusual reflections of the seafront and making the most of a surprising new photo opportunity.

The hut was installed on a Saturday morning and word about it spread quickly. Can you imagine the number of selfies that would be taken at the hut?

 ece-architecture-installs-a-mirrored-hut-on-worthing-beach-uk-2 ece-architecture-installs-a-mirrored-hut-on-worthing-beach-uk-3 ece-architecture-installs-a-mirrored-hut-on-worthing-beach-uk-4 ece-architecture-installs-a-mirrored-hut-on-worthing-beach-uk-5

all images courtesy of ECE Architecture / H/t design milk