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Edge Your Lawn like a Pro

Edge Your Lawn like a Pro

No matter how perfectly you have mowed your lawn, it will still look untidy if you haven’t taken care of the edges. That strip of grass that lines your walkways or driveways and also surrounds your gardens should be taken care of as much as the big expanse of grass inside it. Most people ignore this final part of the landscaping, and it’s that final touch that makes a positive impact on the overall appearance of your lawn.

Whether you go for a natural, unique, resourceful or architectural edging for your lawn, it’s a way to add contrast and definition between your surfaces. 

In case you don’t have the expertise, patience or tools to create the edging you envision for your lawn, consider hiring a professional service like TruGreen to help you out.

Read on for some pro tips that will give your lawn a perfect look and will be the envy of neighbors. 

Choosing your trimmer

The main types of trimmers available are corded or cordless and petrol-powered trimmers. If you have a bigger lawn, then the petrol-powered trimmers will work best because they have more power. Corded trimmers are ideal for use on small areas as they can be a nuisance because you have to drag the cord behind you. Cordless trimmers are an excellent choice though compared to petrol trimmers they lack in power. If you are still unsure on which trimmer to purchase, best that you take a visit on FindStringTrimmers website to check the top trimmer brands under different categories. They also provide reviews and buying guides to ensure you only choose the most suitable trimmer for your needs.

When you are trimming point the blade between your driveway or sidewalk and the grass, watch out for obstacles like mailboxes or trees, these can damage the blades on your edger. Don’t forget to protect yourself when working; wear long pants and goggles or glasses. Some trimmers produce a lot of sound that can damage your hearing, wear earplugs to protect your ears.

 Edge Your Lawn like a Pro

Lawn edging ideas

After you have trimmed the edges and they now look sharp, it’s time to add more decorative materials that are used for edging too. When choosing your edging material, consider price, durability, and if it’s a good fit for your landscape design. You should also choose one that’s easy to install and maintain. You can choose plastic, natural stone, wood, gravel, metal and brick. You can also be a little creative and use seashells, recycled bottles or even roofing tiles.

Edging that’s staked to the ground tends to last longer and not wear out quickly. When doing your edging, you don’t have to make it square or straight; you can make curved borders to give it a unique look. 

Tips on installation

The key to installing the perfect edging is to choose the right materials so that you get it right the first time and you won’t have to redo it every few months. 

Before installing cut a clean edge between the lawn and the area, you are edging. You can use a small piece of wood, the garden hose or a marker to map out the area you want to work on. 

Climate is also a factor to consider when choosing your edging material. In some areas, grass and weeds tend to grow faster. It would be best if you kept trimming the grass by use of trimmers or the whipper snipper like shown in lawn edging Brisbane so that it doesn’t grow beyond the borders you edged. 


Whether you are opting for a simple minimalist look of a neatly cut edge or the unique quirkiness of using decorative materials, there is undoubtedly something for you. With the above tips, you are certainly going to be inspired to transform your lawn edges.