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Edible Monsters Installation by Zim&Zou, Milan


Creative French duo Zim&Zou has filled the windows of la Rinascente in Milan of genetically engineered creatures to tell how the use of chemicals is harmful to health. To mark the opening of Expo Milano 2015, the windows facing Piazza Duomo has hosted this powerful installation called Edible Monsters that aims to raise public awareness in a surprising and creative way about the excesses of the food industry. Carnivorous sunflowers, mutant fish, genetic manipulations and genetically modified corncobs has came to life to emphasise how the use of chemicals and aggressive farming methods can be harmful to our health.


Artists have illustrated in each window a precise modus operandi of the modern food industry creating a colourful paper universe, entirely made by hand. The style is that of a caricatural metaphor, using irony and humour, to talk about one of the main themes of Expo Milano 2015 in an original and engaging way.


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all images and video courtesy of ZIM&ZOU