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Edoardo Tresoldi To Inaugurate ‘Opera’, A Public Artwork In Reggio Calabria, Italy

Mattia Greghi

On September 12th and 13th, Italian artist Edoardo Tesoldi will inaugurate Opera, a permanent public art installation on the seafront of Reggio Calabria, Italy. During the opening weekend a series of free music, performance and poetry events will be held.



The sound installation by Italian musician and composer Teho Teardo will narrate the fusion between Opera and the site through a sound design articulated through the different moments of the day: morning, sunset and night. In addition, poetry events curated by Italian poet and writer Franco Arminio; a performance by Daniel Cundari with Jo Di Nardo and Francesco Speciale; Lara Chiellino’s poetry; live music by Guido Maria Grillo with Francesco Loccisano and Fabio Macagnino, and ‘Livio e Manfredi’.

 Edoardo Tresoldi Inaugurates 'Opera' In Reggio Calabria

Opera was created to celebrate the contemplative relationship between place and the human being through the language of classical architecture and the transparency of the Absent Matter, a relationship expressed through wire mesh. The open structure – consisting of a colonnade of 46 pillars peaking at 8 meters at their highest point within a 2,500 square meter park – will offer a new monument fully crossable and accessible to locals and visitors. The installation will be part of one of the largest European public spaces and aims to become a new landmark in the region.

 Edoardo Tresoldi Inaugurates 'Opera' In Reggio Calabria

The installation generates a mental agora that leads visitors into an ever-changing perceptive dimension thanks to its playing with heights and depths. Opera is Tresoldi’s second installation in Calabria after Il Collezionista di Venti in 2013 and the second major permanent public artwork in Italy after the Basilica of Siponto in Apulia, commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Culture in 2016.

 Edoardo Tresoldi Inaugurates 'Opera' In Reggio Calabria