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Emmanuelle Moureaux’s I Am Here installation at METoA Ginza

Daisuke Shima

For the exhibition “Space in Ginza” at METoA Ginza in Tokyu Plaza Ginza, Emmanuelle Moureaux has revealed an installation that uses centimeter-level measurement accuracy of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System as a motif. The interactive installation gives form to the high precision technologies in a beautiful visual form.

Although the theme of the exhibition is “Universe”, the installation focuses strongly on bringing the perspective back to the Earth. Hence the installation employs 18000 woman’s silhouettes in 100 shades of colors, which express the crowd of people in Ginza. Almost drowning inside the crowd, three silhouettes (two girls and a cat) are lost inside, which encourage visitors to search and spot them within.

The assemblage of prismatic silhouettes of woman. It is an expression of non-stopping crowded street in Tokyo. One can get drown in the same repeated days, becoming one of the people on the street. Just like looking for the “lost” silhouettes in the crowd, the installation is a reminder to rethink where you belong.

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all images © Daisuke Shima