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Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Art Installation For Uniqlo Creates Infinite Colors By Mixing Colors

Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux


During the Paris Fashion Week 2018 held in September, Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo has unveiled a special exhibition “The Art and Science of LifeWear: Creating a New Standard in Knitwear” at the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume. The exhibition marked the brand’s first large-scale exhibition open to the public. It introduced Uniqlo’s knitwear in five zones “Art”, “Science”, “Craftsmanship”, “Fashion”, “Collaboration”. This time in the “Art” zone, Emmanuelle Moureaux has created an art installation named “Knit In 100 Colors”. She created an infinite world of colors where visitors can experience the vibrant color palette of Uniqlo knit at a glance.

 Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux

The colorful world welcomed visitors as they entered the first room of the exhibition. The installation “Knit In 100 Colors” focused on the concept of “making infinite colors by mixing colors”. When looking at a knit garment, it appears to be a single color, but as you approach it and observe closely, one will notice the “color” is created by mixing fibers of several colors.

Emmanuelle focused on this unseen process of mixing colors to create yarns. The installation was made with 100 different colors of wool yarns, which were then used to create approximately 10,000 modules that consisted of 3 colors. The installation is placed diagonally in the room so the world of 100 colors instantly gets in the eyes. The tunnel in the center let visitors to immerse themselves inside the colors. The installation changes colors from yellow, pink, brown, green, blue to purple, and a delicate gradation is formed by the blends of mixing colors. Approximately 6,000 people visited the exhibition over five days. Many people would have experienced the world of colors, felt infinite colors throughout the body.

 Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux Knit In 100 Colors / Emmanuelle Moureaux