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Enhance Your Skills: Learn a Language at Preply.com!

Enhance Your Skills: Learn a Language at Preply.com!

As the world turns into a global village and interconnectedness between people of diverse backgrounds increases, more people recognize the value of learning new languages. From working for a multinational corporation to merely surfing the internet, people have an entire spectrum of platforms to interact with foreigners. Besides, many people take language courses only because it fits their interests. There are ample opportunities to learn and many exciting subjects to choose from at each stage of life. Languages are among those courses that do not demand prior knowledge. If you are considering being productive by mastering a new language, preply.com has online tutors always ready to help you.

Perks of Learning Languages

Though familiarizing yourself with new syntax and words may seem daunting at first, learning languages can come in handy in the long run. If you are not fully confident whether you should proceed with this activity, here are some of the benefits that come with learning languages.

1. It polishes your brain

You may have learned about the use and disuse of organs in your introductory biology course. It is a theory by Lamarck, a French Naturalist. He states that the more a person utilizes an organ, the more developed it becomes. When that organ is brain, the future progeny of that person also shows evidence of improved intelligence. So, using your mind is a practical and effective way of polishing it. 

Learning a language encourages the development of productive and receptive skills. The reading, speaking, writing, and listening tasks sharpen your memory and encourage critical thinking skills. Thus, studying a language improves your brainpower, and who doesn’t want to be more intelligent?

2. It raises your job prospects

Anyone who has prepared a CV or appeared in job interviews knows that employers often inquire about language proficiency. It makes intuitive sense because language is the most frequently-used means of communication. Good correspondence requires social etiquette and the ability to formulate your ideas into words. Studies prove that employers frequently prefer polyglots over monolingual candidates if both have a similar resume. 

Being proficient in more than a single language makes you a better candidate in marketing and retail industries, and it also appeals to multi-national businesses. Hence, by investing in a language course, you will be doing yourself a favor as it will ameliorate your chances of landing an excellent job.

 Enhance Your Skills: Learn a Language at Preply.com!

3. Learning a language ensures that you have a better travel experience

The only time that some people consider studying a new language is when they apply for a visa. It works out quite well for some. However, when most people arrive in a new country, they realize that their knowledge is limited to basic phrases. It keeps them from diving into deep, meaningful conversations with the new friends they make- a tragedy, indeed. 

If you have plans of touring foreign countries (let’s be honest here, who doesn’t?) any time in the future, you should start taking language courses early on. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where the relevant word is on the tip of your tongue, but you can only remember it in your native language, and your foreign mate is stealing glances at their watch, giving you a perplexed look.

4. It will broaden your horizons

Learning a language is not just cramming grammar and punctuation to form sensible sentences. It is exploring a new culture and discovering fresh ways of doing the old things. It provides you with novel perspectives, and this is the aspect that makes learning so exciting. Tutors often recommend watching movies, listening to music, and reading books in the language you are studying. It effectively familiarizes you with the values, connotations, and norms of the natives who speak that language.

 For example, ‘Apricity’ in Latin is a beautiful word for the warmth of the winter sun, and “Retrouvailles” in French captures the happiness you feel in a reunion with a loved one. This way, the study of languages opens your mind and introduces you to an entirely different universe.

Methods of Learning a New Language

Typically, people head over to local language centers when they want to enroll themselves in a course. However, the recent prevalence of technology has introduced new modes of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Like almost every other subject out there, you can either study it in brick-and-mortar centers or sign up online. A comparison of both will help you make an informed decision for yourself.

  • Studying at a center

When you join a course offered at a language learning center, you have to stick to a schedule. You wake up every day at a pre-decided time and physically travel to the institution. You may ride a bicycle, drive your car, or take a bus-depending on your possessions and preference. Having a schedule also enables you to plan your day accordingly. This mechanism provides you with an opportunity for face-to-face interactions with the tutors and fellow learners. Your instructors can ensure that students are responsive and attentive in the class. It also alleviates any connectivity issues you may encounter during online lectures.

  • Taking online courses

Though physical classes certainly have their benefits, recent events have proven online learning to be more suitable for many people. It offers greater flexibility and encourages the candidates to develop self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. It also highlights the candidates that are genuinely interested in the language.

If you select an online course for languages, it will minimize the costs as you won’t have to travel to-and-fro. It also enables you to liberate time for other activities in your life. Besides, online courses are especially beneficial for part-time learners, as is the case with most language students.


Due to its multiple perks, learning a language might be the best way of utilizing your free time. It keeps you engaged, alongside improving your memory and expanding your potential. You can either choose offline or online mode after assessing both, but virtual learning is more constructive for most people.