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Enoteca da Salvatore by 314 architecture studio, Athens

Panagiotis Voumvakis

Greek practice 314 architecture studio has completed Enoteca da Salvatore, an modern Italian restaurant located in Zisimopoulou, one of the most commercial street of Glyfada in Athens, Greece. 

The area’s character is mainly formed by cafes and restaurants, therefore the Enoteca da Salvatore had to stand out of its surroundings.  Main aim was to fulfil the needs of an all-day Italian restaurant, as well as, of a tipical Italian cafe and wine bar. The structure, characterized by aboundance of glass, features a minimal metal frame that limits physical barriers between interior and exterior.


When one enters the restaurant, his gaze can reach to all areas, up to the kitchen, which is left open for someone to watch the food preparation if desired. Next to the kitchen is positioned the bar which is consisted of green marble in the low part and brass covering in the upper part. On the ceiling, small ropes hold light fabrics which can be pulled and fully uncover the sky. Additional lighting is positioned on the ropes, creating an interesting effect during the night when the lights are in contrast with the dark sky.


Finally the furniture attempts to express a more classic style related to the Renaissance and the Italian culture. In addition to this, a combination of Italian furniture with Greek materials is proposed. For instance, the Tinos marble is placed on the floor, on surfaces of the kitchen or the furniture, such as the round tables. High quality brass is applied for subtle and detailed finishings which add a more delicate philosophy to the whole space.

 enoteca-da-salvatore-by-314-architecture-studio-athens-photo-by-Panagiotis-Voumvakis-4 enoteca-da-salvatore-by-314-architecture-studio-athens-photo-by-Panagiotis-Voumvakis-5 enoteca-da-salvatore-by-314-architecture-studio-athens-photo-by-Panagiotis-Voumvakis-6 enoteca-da-salvatore-by-314-architecture-studio-athens-photo-by-Panagiotis-Voumvakis-7

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