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Epo Bicycles by Bob Schiller

In response to many European bicycle firms that outsource their production to countries like Taiwan and China, Dutch designer Bob Schiller has designed the Epo Bicycle that aims to revive the Dutch tradition of bicycles manufacturing and bring production back to the Netherlands. Similar to the way cars are made, the Epo Bicycle is assembled out of two sheets of aluminum pressed into form, and then spot-welded together. This results in a strong and light frame. Most importantly, its production is efficient and drastically lowers labour costs; making production in the Netherlands possible.

A prototype of the Epo Bicycle was displayed at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate exhibition during the latest Dutch Design Week.

 2-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 3-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 4-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 5-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 6-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 7-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 8-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller 9-epo-bicycles-by-bob-schiller

all images courtesy of EPO BICYCLE