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ESI Design Installs Interactive Wall Display in Washington DC Office Building

ESI Design

Manhattan-based experiential design firm ESI Design has realized 1700-square-foot, motion-activated digital art installation in the lobby of Terrell Place, a civil rights landmark and office complex in Washington, DC. The interactive installation reacts as people pass by — causing the trees to blossom until eventually their petals fall off. When people pause in front of the screens, they trigger butterflies to flutter across the screens.

The massive installation spans 80 feet wide by 13 feet high capturing the attention and curiosity of passerby through the oversized windows that look out onto the street.


The displays include three content modes – ‘Seasons,’ ‘Color Play,’ and ‘Cityscape’ –  offering a selection of scenes that can be programmed with varying durations and sequences, ensuring that tenants never see the same scene even if they arrive and leave at the same time every day. The ‘Season’ mode shows the lifecycle of the iconic Washington, DC cherry trees. In the ‘Spring’ phase, as people pass by the screens, their movement causes the trees to blossom until eventually their petals fall off; when people pause in the lobby, they trigger butterflies to flutter.


‘Color Play’ shows algorithmically-generated patterns of multi-color threads which spread across the walls, weaving a tapestry that reflects the activity of Terrell Place. ‘City Scape’ pays homage to the city of Washington, DC with iconic architecture, statuary and transportation scenes that are brought to life by people passing by.

Check out the video below for a closer look at how this mural works.


all images and video courtesy of ESI Design