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Exhaust Hood Poorly Removes Smells: Key Reasons and Repair Options

Modern white marble kitchen with copper hood

The purpose of the range hood is to remove the odours and vapours naturally occurring during cooking. It is not difficult to detect the problem of insufficient work of the kitchen hood. In this case, odours become more intrusive, and condensation appears on windows, furniture, and walls. Unfortunately, the problem of insufficient performance of the hood is caused by its owners. It is necessary to clean the grease trap and filters of the range hood on time. This way, you will avoid most of the problems with this household appliance!

How to Clean Dirty Filters?

When it is necessary to clean the hood filter, the algorithm of actions is always described in the manual. There are many types and models of hoods to clean, so it is difficult to give a general recommendation on how to clean the filters. But, following the instructions, you are unlikely to be mistaken, and you can probably easily clean the hood filters. If the filter is disposable, it is not cleaned, but simply replaced with a new one. It is also very important to clean the grease trap on time with water and detergents. 

Most likely, if your hood has begun to remove odours poorly, it is not broken but simply clogged. Clean all filters and try starting the appliance again. You may not be able to cope with this work on your own if the dirt is too heavy. If self-cleaning turns out to be unsuccessful, call the specialist from the appliance repair Ottawa service near me at any convenient time since you cannot cope without the help of a professional.

 Modern linear kitchen with green cabinets and copper details

Ventilation Problems

If the hood is clean but continues to poorly remove odours and moisture, most likely the fan is faulty, or the air duct is clogged. In this case, the repair specialist will clean the air vent and air duct from debris. If the fan breaks down, it will be necessary to replace it with a similar new one, corresponding to the model and brand of your range hood.

Perhaps, the problem of high humidity in the kitchen and insufficient work of the hood is not provoked by a malfunction of the kitchen equipment, but by the lack of draft in the air extraction system. If there is no air circulation in the extraction system, even the most powerful cooker hood fan will not be able to extract vapours and odours from the room. It is not difficult to check the draft of the air extraction system in the house. In a private house, the exhaust duct can be cleaned independently, in a multi-store building, this must be done by the relevant service.

In Conclusion

​​The kitchen hood is not the most difficult appliance, but even it should be repaired by a professional. Unprofessional actions can aggravate the breakdown situation. After the repair, the master will give you additional recommendations, using which you will prevent the occurrence of similar problems with the hood in the future.