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Experts Guide to Investing Abroad

Experts Guide to Investing Abroad

There has never been a better time to invest in real estate abroad. As life begins to return to pre-COVID19 normalcy, travelling and making some money are on everyone’s mind. When considering where and how to invest is very important and contrary to popular belief not too difficult. In this article, I will be giving you my top tips for choosing the perfect investment.

Let’s jump in!

Investment Citizenship

Although, there are multiple locations around the world to choose from often economic and political unrest can devalue your properties overnight. Choosing an investment citizenship opportunity is a safe way to invest your money and see significant ROI. 

Prime Property Group offers a unique opportunity on the beautiful island of Cyprus which has its own investment citizenship track to inspire people like you to invest. The islands offer all the conveniences one could want, set on the stunning Mediterranean. 

Take a look at just a few of the advantages of investing:

  • European Union-member state 
  • Can be sold after only five years 
  • Dual citizenship for tax benefits 
  • Applies to the investor, spouse, and all children up to twenty-eight years old 
  • Visa-free travel to over one hundred and fifty countries
  • Access to European Union educational systems, work, and travel 

Requirements for Immigration

Unlike other countries, immigrating to Cyprus involves a very quick straightforward process. Simply contact the professional experts at Prime Property and they will guide you through it. You will need all the usual documents and there are a few other requirements before getting started to qualify for investment as well: 

Other requirements include:

  1. The investor must have a residence permit 
  2. Clean criminal record 
  3. Minimum investment €2 million
  4. Purchase amount minimum €500,000 (plus VAT if applicable). 
  5. Schengen visa 
  6. No prior European Union rejections 
  7. Donation of €150,000 to Cyprus Land Development Corporation and the Research and Innovation Foundation 

 Experts Guide to Investing Abroad

Investment Options 

There is a multitude of investment options for everyone’s convenience and investment interest. Here are the four most popular routes:

  • Real estate, land under development, and infrastructure
  • Cypriot company and business purchase
  • Alternative Investment Funds or financial assets 
  • Any combination of the above 

Other options have to do with what you can do with your property if you purchase. Some people choose to purchase for rental and vacation properties as this is a great way to make extra income while your property appreciates. This would include short and long term rental as well as holiday rentals. 

Take Away 

Cyprus is a great place to invest in as it offers all the conveniences of the European Union while at the same time offering luxury and affordability. Set in a peaceful and stable environment, Cyprus is a safe and smart investment option for people from within the European Union. The most unique opportunity that Cyprus offers is a track to citizenship through a transparent and simple immigration process. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity contact known experts in the field.