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Fabio Ferrillo Designs New Moschino Boutique In Paris

Moschino Boutique Paris

OFF Arch

Moschino has opened a new flagship store in the heart of the French capital on rue Saint-Honoré. Creative Director Jeremy Scott wanted to transform the magnificent late-18th-century building in Pierre de Paris into an exhibit-like space inspired by modern art galleries.

 Moschino Boutique Paris

The new store concept, which was conceived and curated by architect Fabio Ferrillo, founder of Milan-based architecture and design studio OFF Arch studio, in respect of the original essence of the interior, covers 270 square meters divided on two levels between the ground and first floors, which are visually connected through a two-story space and imposing curved staircase that becomes the focus of the architectural perspective.

The street entrance with store window immediately projects the visitor into an emotional experience marked by the natural reflections of the surfaces and a double lighting system, composed by narrow luminous strips inserted in the flooring and by a magnetic modular LED system, designed by the architect and developed with Flos to provide direct lighting throughout the space but also enhance surfaces indirectly.

 Moschino Boutique Paris

Walls with a refined cement finish enclose the Italian terrazzo flooring and accommodate a complex system of translucent resin panels in delicate shades organized to flexibly and dynamically display removable satin-finish steel shelves, racks, and storage elements.

 Moschino Boutique Paris

Rose granite and Plexiglas elements and bronze railings give the space an extremely sophisticated and contemporary look. The entirely customized furnishings also include steel display cabinets, colored resin and cement display consoles, and black matelassé leather modular sofas.

From the ground floor, dedicated to accessories, the presentation of the collections continues to the first floor through a spacious display area with ready-to-wear lines. Next to the balcony overlooking the ground floor is a private lounge with sliding pocket doors and two fitting rooms decorated with luxurious pale blue rugs and adjustable mirrors framed by a narrow strip of light.

The exclusive customer experience in the Moschino gallery store transports the visitor into an exciting and engaging dimension that accentuates the aesthetic impact of the collection and simultaneously contextualizes the brand’s amazing artistic spirit represented by oversized objects like the ones seen in the boutiques of New York and Milan.

 Moschino Boutique Paris

In the interior of the Rue Saint-Honoré store, these unexpected presences are inserted in the space like genuine works of art evoking the imagery and iconography of the fashion house. Reproducing the shopping bag or pump, this new version dematerializes them into translucent silhouettes redefined by narrow luminous lines.

 Moschino Boutique Paris Moschino Boutique Paris Moschino Boutique Paris Moschino Boutique Paris