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Facebook Office in Warsaw by Madama


Polish design studio Madama has covered the walls of the new Facebook office in Warsaw, Poland, with an endless mural which take inspiration from the nationalities of the people who work there. “We designed few of them that says the office is in Poland in Warsaw and the nationality of coworkers is from east Europe” explain designers.


Typical blue color for Facebook is the background of graphics which where designed and painted by Acapulco Studio. Big neon typical for Warsaw, made by a museum who collect all old neons from Poland, peeps out between the graphics.


Almost all furniture pieces are designed by polish designer like : sofa made by Pan Popi or lamps designed by Puff-buff. “This was very important for us to use project of young people who create great designs.” said Madama team. “It is not typical place but it is comfortable both to sit and work.

 4-facebook-office-in-warsaw-by-madama 5-facebook-office-in-warsaw-by-madama 6-facebook-office-in-warsaw-by-madama


all images © YASSEN HRISTOV