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Vancouver Loft Renovation by Falken Reynolds

Ema Peter

Splitting time between New York and Vancouver, the owners of this 1,100-square-foot loft in the latter city’s Crosstown neighborhood commissioned local interior design practice  Falken Reynolds to renovate the interior of their apartment. The design team was asked to add a room to work from home, and as ardent sports fans, a space to host large game-day gatherings.

To ensure meals could be prepared without missing any sports action, the kitchen was oriented towards the sitting room and TV, where extra stools and chairs can easily be pulled in to accommodate more guests. Multiple work areas were added—a new dining room (once a storage room and shower), seating at the kitchen island, desk in the bedroom and dining table on the 400-square-foot covered patio.


To emphasize the openness of the loft space, lighter elements were used such as metal Vitsœ shelving, thin stone countertops, and lighter furniture on legs to balance heavier forms. In the en suite, the vanity has the same effect. There, rhomboid floor tiles and gleaming subway tiles add texture to the neutral palette. In the bedroom, natural linen drapery creates privacy and darkness come evening. Highlighting the 19-foot ceilings, a Bocci 28 chandelier cascades from the ceiling above the island. There are touches of black throughout to provide substance and grounding, as well as balance the presence of the large TV.

Inspired by Brooklyn’s warehouse lofts, modern craftsman elements were combined with the richness of oiled walnut to give the space a distinctly American feel—a warm reference to the couple’s bicoastal lives.

 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-2 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-3 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-5 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-6 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-7 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-9 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-11 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-12 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-13 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-14 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-15 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-16 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-19 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-20 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-21 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-22 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-23 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-24 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-25 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-27 Beatty-St-Loft-by-Falken-Reynolds-Vancouver-photo-by-Ema-Peter-28

all images © Ema Peter