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Fences vs Hedges: What’s a Better Way to Set Up Those Boundaries?

Are you looking for a way to get more privacy around your yard and/or home? If so, you might be considering the benefits of putting up a fence or a hedge.

But is one better than the other? It all depends on your specific needs.

So we’ll take a look at what each has to offer to help you make a more informed decision.

The Argument for Fences

With so many great designs to choose from, fences offer more than just privacy. They can add a truly decorative feature to your yard. Quality fences aren’t easy to construct, so you have to hire a professional fence installation company like illinoisfencecompany.com and pick the right tools to create great foundations. The fence post driver is a great and customizable tool to drive fence post spikes into the land. It is made of steel, and it can be used by one person to carry on a fence build.

They offer a number of other benefits too. These include:

Added Security

Obviously, it’s much more work for a burglar or thief to scale a fence than it is to just walk across your yard.

So even just seeing a fence – especially one with added security measures – can be enough to deter a robbery.

Discouraging Wild Animals

You may be looking at a fence to keep your dog or other pet in the yard. Fences work the other way around too though.

A fence can go a long way in keeping pesky raccoons from digging through your garbage or a skunk entering your yard and spraying your pup.

Plus, wild animals can be a source of rabies. So keeping them on the other side of the fence is wise.

Defining Property Lines

You may not have considered this one, but fences actually secure your property.

Businesses such as this fence installation company know the importance of a clearly defined fence line. Especially in this era of continuous real estate development and expansion.

A distinct fence line will secure every inch of property that’s rightfully yours.

 Fences vs Hedges: What's a Better Way to Set Up Those Boundaries?

The Argument for Hedges

Those who feel hedges are the better choice have their fair share of reasons as well. Some of them quite similar to fences, and others very different.

Added Security

While this was also a reason for getting a fence, hedges can also secure your property.

Specific greenery called intruder hedging consists of seriously spikey plants that will put off any unwanted trespasser.

Plus, since there aren’t height limits for hedges like there are for fences, an 8-foot tall wall of spikes will deter a would-be burglar even more.

Sustaining Wildlife

Hedges are homes for birds that take shelter there and flowering varieties will attract bees and other pollinators. While you’ll have to keep the hedges trimmed, over time they will grow full and lush. 

While fences can disturb creatures from getting to their food, shelter, and breeding sites, hedges allow them to travel freely.

Noise Pollution

If you’ve ever stood on the other side of the fence of noisy neighbors, you likely noticed it didn’t do much to buffer the sound.

Foliage is far more effective than a fence in reducing disturbing noises that will upset your otherwise peaceful garden or yard.

Putting up a Fence or Growing a Hedge? 

As you can see, one is not universally better than the other.

There are distinct reasons that putting up a fence will work better for some while growing a hedge will be the clear choice for others.

Hopefully, you have a better sense now of which one is right for you.

And for more articles on truly inspirational design, keep checking back with us!