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Fencing the Yard: Are You Making Mistakes?

Fencing the Yard: Are You Making Mistakes?

Putting up a fence is such a regular part of landscaping that we end up making big mistakes by not taking the planning phase seriously enough. By the time we realize what the mistake was, it’s already too late and we are left with choosing between leaving things as they are, or doubling our fencing budget for a complete rehaul. That won’t happen to you, however, because you are about to read the common mistakes people make so that you don’t.

Completely Disregarding the Reasons Why You are Installing a Fence in the First Place

It may sound silly, but strangely enough, it’s also the number one mistake that people make while putting in their fences. To avoid such a blunder, consider the following points first:

  • A vinyl fence may provide both privacy and security
  • To keep a dog inside the yard, the height of the fence will need to be proportionate to the dog’s height

There might be other reasons, but these will get you thinking and acting accordingly, which is the main goal here.

 Fencing the Yard: Are You Making Mistakes?

Being Oblivious of City Codes and Consequent Violations

Depending on the city and the state, the codes and regulations about fencing will vary quite a bit. Some homeowners are actually unaware that laws and regulations can practically prevent them from building fences in the way they want to on their private property. It’s an understandable mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

If you live in Minnesota, know your regulations by visiting the Northland Fence website. They have all the city codes for fencing in Minnesota listed on their site and you can even get a free estimate and professional consultation about your fencing project from them while you are there.

If you do not pay heed to the regulations, the city will either warn you to bring down your fence and rebuild it in accordance with the codes, or will fine you first and then tell you to do the same! All County Fence are the experts you can rely on for fencing installation here in Orlando.

 Fencing the Yard: Are You Making Mistakes?

Ignoring the Weather Conditions

You might be used to the cold weather conditions of your state, but those fancy bamboo fences are definitely not! On the other hand, the classic wooden fences have the old American feel but the maintenance can become a real chore as they rot in wet, humid climates fast.

Always consider the general climate of the region where you stay, before committing to the material. Vinyl is expensive to put in, but they last for decades without maintenance, remain mostly unaffected by weather conditions, and if the neighborhood kids decide to spray paint the fencing, it will come off easily with soap and water.

Feel free to get a little creative with your fencing ideas, but get the basics right first and you won’t have to worry about the outer perimeters of your property for years to come, or the city fining you for regulation breaches that you had no idea even existed!