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Ferrari Unveils 611 Horsepower 488 Spider


Ferrari has pulled the wraps off its newest model, the 488 Spider, the roadster version of the recently introduced 488 GTB. Ferrari was the first manufacturer to introduce the Retractable Hard Top on a car of this particular architecture. This solution ensures lower weight and better cockpit comfort compared to the classic fabric soft-top. Every area of the car has been designed to set new technological benchmarks for the sector: from the aluminium spaceframe chassis and bodyshell to the new turbo-charged V8, aerodynamics that reconcile the need for greater downforce with reduced drag along with the specific cabin air flow demands of an open-top car, and vehicle dynamics that render it fast, agile and instantly responsive.


The chassis is made of eleven different aluminum alloys, that yields the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness figures as the coupé version. Maranello’s engineers managed to achieve optimal downforce and reduced drag by introducing innovative devices including a blown spoiler and an aerodynamic underbody that incorporates vortex generators. Thanks to its attention to details, the Ferrari 488 Spider is remarkable easy to drive to the limit even on the most demanding of roads.

The world premiere of the 488 Spider will be at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September but can be seen here finished in the new Blu Corsa livery.

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all images courtesy of Ferrari