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FES Watch by Takt Project for Fashion Entertainments


Fashion Entertainments is a Japanese start up with the theme of ‘creating new ways to enjoy digitized fashion’. To achieve this goal, Tokyo-based design firm Takt Project has developed its first product, the FES Watch. The design was created based on the idea of creating a neutral watch platform able to match well with a variety of displayed patterns.

“It’s something like a brand-new canvas to work on. On the other hand, the watch was not created simply to be a canvas for different patterns, but with the idea of making a true, functioning watch, so it was given a design that accentuates that traditional form.” say the designers.


This silhouette, composed of a round dial and rectangular strap, is a design familiar to any watch wearer. While its silhouette is connected to the traditional watch shape as we know it, the various patterns that smoothly appear and then fade away from the face give the wearer a brand new, unusual experience like none before. The experience is not merely about seeing the two-dimensional progression of patterns, but witnessing the watch as we know it — a hard, fixed object — seem to smoothly change form, character or presence before our eyes.

Unlike the fashion of yesteryear, where you change the way you express yourself by changing what you wear, this watch changes by itself, offering a new kind of fashion in motion.

 2-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 3-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 4-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 5-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 6-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 7-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 8-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 9-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments 10-fes-watch-by-takt-project-for-fashion-entertainments

all images © MASAYUKI HAYASHI – video courtesy of FASHION ENTERTAINMENTS