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Fin House in London by RA Project

Lyndon Douglas

London studio RA Project refurbishes a house in central London owned by fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic. The key idea of the proposal was to create an open plan ground floor, containing living room, study and a kitchen and dining area. Sitting in the centre, and running through the house from basement to first floor is a steel ‘sculpture’ that is the stairs. It sits on the ground floor as a separate element and is wrapped with shelving towards the study and fins that penetrate the ceiling towards the first floor. This colourful screen gives the ‘sculpture’ a distinctive character of its own, while maintaining a degree of visual permeability between the dining area and the living space.

The other rooms in the house also have an atmosphere of their own with bespoke colours, fabrics, tiles and spray lacquered veneer treatments to walls, floors and ceilings. The changing room in basement receives natural light through glass floor panels adjacent to the rear glass doors at ground floor and the master bedroom is lit by an external light well that works as a patio.

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all images © Lyndon Douglas