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Finally! An Easy to Use Erectile Dysfunction Test You Can Have at Home

Like women, men have their range of special healthcare needs and issues that they struggle with. In the case of men, what is different is that these issues are often ignored or underreported to healthcare providers by men. Healthcare providers often report that men will only approach a healthcare provider when their healthcare conditions have escalated to a severe healthcare concern. This can often lead to a situation for men in which there is needless silent physical and mental suffering.  

At Numan, our team has been dedicated since the start of our project in 2018 to empower and help men become healthier versions of themselves. As a part of our mission, we believe that all people want to be healthier. When empowered, they accept responsibility for taking actions that will improve their health and overall well-being. For men suffering their own private and often silent battles with Erectile dysfunction (ED), Premature ejaculation (PE), and Hair loss, we empower men by providing them access to Knowledge and Treatments

Numan is an online clinic built for men. Using web-based online resources, we aim to provide a streamlined, affordable, easy to access, and use digital health resource for health issues that men face. The digital nature of the healthcare experience we provide for men at Numan ensures that men can have an online consultation and receive the appropriate help on their terms and with complete discretion and privacy. Many men in the UK have trusted Numan to deliver them expert clinical expertise and healthcare services as they act to becoming a better version of themselves. 

 Finally! An Easy to Use Erectile Dysfunction Test You Can Have at Home

ED is more common than you think. It is a challenging subject for most men to discuss and seek care for. This is often because men report feeling a sense of insecurity at their perceived ability to perform sexually. ED is a complex medical phenomenon with more than one cause. It is commonly experienced by men at one point or another by men in their lives and can be effectively cured and improved in some instances. To make sure that a person has the best chances to treat ED effectively, the first step is to speak to a medical expert. As part of the initial consultation, a doctor will take a detailed medical history and perform a physical exam to determine the cause. With the convenience of Numan, this initial consultation can take place for free in the privacy of your home. The doctor will determine what risk factors for ED are present in your case and assess the cause of ED.  ED can be caused by problems with normal blood flow, hormonal imbalances, inappropriate nerve signaling, or psychological causes. 

It is easier than ever to win the battle against ED with Numan’s erectile dysfunction test kit. This kit is used to perform a straightforward blood test to assess a man’s current cholesterol, diabetes, and testosterone status. These contribute towards causing ED. The results are discussed with a doctor who can use the information to understand the cause of ED better and plan the best possible course of action for the battle against ED.