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Find Out The Meaning Of 10 Colors And How To Use Them In Your Design

Find Out The Meaning Of 10 Colors And How To Use Them In Your Design

Daniele Levis Pelusi

If you are looking for the best way to convey your feelings and thoughts through home design or an art piece, you must follow us on a sort of cultural voyage into the color spectrum and find out about the true meaning and hidden potential behind 10 of the most popular colors. 

Overview Into The Science Of Colors

Each color has a specific meaning and it can be used as a symbol for something like emotions, feelings and sensations. That’s why designers and artists have to pay special attention to the type of colors and amount of colors that they choose to use in their works. The choice of these elements depends on the goal they want to achieve. In a few words, if you want to give people a sense of sorrow, you will have to use certain colors in certain combinations; whereas if you want to tell people about joy and happiness, you will focus on different colors.

Being able to understand the science and art of colors is essential not only to home designers and artists but also to web designers, developers and entrepreneurs. Let’s say that you have to find a good logo for your coming-soon business. Finding the best color combination that fit your brand can make a difference between a successful business and one that will fail to attract the right brand awareness. For some industries, the correct implementation and understanding of how different colors affect our brain is very important. One example is the gaming industry. You have probably not paid much attention to this, but the next time you load a game on your mobile or pc, you will notice the use of bright colors and a lively contrast aiming to give the players the idea of dynamic movements, adrenaline and excitement. Casino games, often played with money, can make you feel the adrenaline pumping for more, even when you are losing. To make this happen, the game developers are actually not only good developers, but also experts on the psychology of casino games. To create the best games, they combine scientific knowledge of brain activity with research on colors and sound to make sure your brain will respond with good emotions of wanting more, even though you are losing.

So, the bottom line is that once you understand how colors work and what specific effect they can give people, you can start to have fun with them and create effective designs.

According to experts, human beings have been developing a number of associations between colors and emotions over the course of time. This process is still going on and we should expect it to be an ever-evolving process. As a matter of fact, feelings are way more powerful than rational thoughts, that’s why human beings from ancestral time instinctively associated feelings to colors and not their thoughts.

Let’s have a look at the ten main colors and their meaning (consider that these meanings are more or less the same all over the world):

  1. Red

    This is the color of passion, unbridled energy and of danger. Red is the color of blood and for this reason it’s associated with strong emotions and instinct. Red is said to provoke appetite, which explains why fast-food chains use these colors in their logos.

  2. Orange

    It’s the color of creativity, youth and enthusiasm. It gives the sensation of warmth without being as strong as red but still being a color connected to energy, fire and vibrant emotions.

  3. Yellow

    The best color for happiness, hope and spontaneity. It’s not a random case if it’s the color of smiley faces. It’s also often connected to the idea of sun and summer, it’s a strongly positive color.

  4. Green

    The color of nature, harmony and stability. It’s associated with growth (like the growth of plants) and it’s therefore used to mean action. Consider that in the US, green is the color of dollars, which gives a sense of monetary stability and wealth.

  5. Blue

    Quiet, trust and intelligence can be expressed through this color. It’s the best calming color, it represents responsibility and relax. Dark blue is connected to depth and power, while light blue refers to peaceful feelings.

  6. Purple

    This is the color of luxury, mystery and spirituality. It includes both warm and cool tones and so it’s an all-in-one combination of hidden energy (from red) and of serenity and depth (from blue). Purples is often used in royal symbols, it was actually an expensive color in past centuries.

  7. Pink

    The best color to express femininity and romantic feelings. It’s a delicate color which communicates tenderness, sensitivity, sweetness and charm. It’s today used as a shortcut to attract female target audience and this may be a reason why most “romantic” slots are pink.

  8. Brown

    If you want to communicate honesty, warmth and stability, brown is your color. It’s the color of earth and it’s often connected to agriculture and farming, that’s why it means stability but also old-fashioned and established things.

  9. Black

    Power, elegance as well as death and grief have all one color in common: black. It’s more complicated to approach as a color, because it might be a little intimidating. However, it’s used as a neutral color for printing, for example.

  10. White

    It means purity, simplicity and quietness at a time. It’s used for its neutral tone as background in printing and in most brand logos. It helps create original color combinations.

Having fun playing with colors, mixing them or focusing on using colors based on the purpose of the room you are designing can bring your home designs to a totally new level!