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Five Advantages Of Student Accommodation In Edinburgh

Five Advantages Of Student Accommodation In Edinburgh

Why do college students decide to study abroad? Because it’s an opportunity to learn things about foreign countries and their cultures, learn new languages, gain some new experiences, and grow personally. Many future employers also consider experience such as overcoming the challenges of studying abroad to be very important. If you’re going to make the move to study abroad in Edinburgh, choosing a good student accommodation service beforehand can help you make the transition for your planned stay. There are usually several steps you have to go through in order get approved for a student visa for Scotland, and a student accommodation service can give you five advantages both prior to your arrival and while you’re staying in Edinburgh.

1. Finding A Place Before You Arrive Can Save You The Hassle Of Searching Afterwards

Once you arrive in Edinburgh, you’ll want to be able to get to your lodging immediately so you can settle in and get acquainted with your new surroundings. Many things such as the kind of housing, rent, property rules and lease agreement can be worked out beforehand if you use a student accommodation service. Various student accommodation platforms even have online payment or reservation options that still allow you to cancel before arriving. It’s always important to read all the small print, make calls or emails to the landlord or family you’ll be staying with, and make sure you understand exactly what your housing situation will be like. You also may want to inquire about the amenities you’ll have in the area.

2. Knowing Your Housing Costs Can Help With Your Visa Application Approval

One thing to be aware of is that certain UK student visas such as the Tier 4 visa require that you show you will have enough money to cover at least the equivalent of £1,015 per month for living expenses. So having housing that’s affordable and fits within your budget is very important, especially to demonstrate that you can meet this requirement. If you’re in need of financial assistance to be able to cover your living costs or other activities, you may want to apply for a loan with a private or third-party lender to be approved.

 Five Advantages Of Student Accommodation In Edinburgh

3. Getting A Physical Address While You’re Overseas Is Important For Contact Information

Beyond complying with foreign laws and having the basics of a place to stay, a physical address of your accommodation can serve many useful purposes. You can look for student accommodation in Edinburgh which may have accommodations specifically for students. Your address while there may help secure a work permit with your employer. You also may have family or friends back home who wish to send you packages or transfer money to you. Depending on the kind of living quarters you have, you’ll want to check on where packages need to be picked up and any weight or size restrictions that may come with them.

4. You May Need To Be Near Public Transportation

Public transportation is usually important while you’re staying overseas because you usually can’t bring your own vehicle when you’re staying abroad, and renting one can be very expensive. Plus, you never know when you may need to terminate your studies abroad due to a personal emergency and make a quick trip to the airport as a result. You should do your research to see how close you will be to bus stops, train stations, or if certain ride sharing services are available in the area.

5. You’ll Have A Chance To Get To Know Locals Even Better

Staying in student accommodation in Edinburgh could mean getting to know a one or more new roommates, something you may or may not feel nervous about. But there are ways to make connections with friends abroad such as a pen pal program, a social app, or other ways to chat before you head over. Doing so can give you a chance to find out what your friend’s interests are and learn from them what staying in the accommodation will be like.

The bottom line is there will always be some challenges and things you’ll have to adjust to when you move to Edinburgh. But most student accommodation services will have information about what things will be like there, and there will usually be other information out there about local guides or student services you can check into to help you get situated.