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Five Uses For Hopper Bottom Trailers

Five Uses For Hopper Bottom Trailers

Hopper bottom trailers are used throughout the grain and harvesting industry to load and transport grains across the country. However, there are several styles of hopper trailers that you may want to use. These hopper trailers can be used for several different things, and you may want to use one of these trailers even if you do not work in the agricultural industry.

1. Grain Transport

A hopper bottom trailer may have one or two hoppers on the bottom. When you fill the trailer with grain, it can deliver that grain through the hopper or hoppers in the base. The grain can be poured in from a large spigot, and the trailer has a cover that will prevent damage to the product on the inside.

When you deliver your product to the client, you can open the hoppers to pour out the grain. You can carry any grain in the trailer, and it will fall through the hopper easily. You can close the hopper at any time if you are only supposed to deliver a certain amount, and you can lock the hatch in place.

2. Dirt/Soil Delivery

Dirt and soil delivery may be easier if you are using a hopper trailer. The hopper trailer can be used to pour out the dirt or soul while it is driving over the area where you want the dirt. You may position the trailer over a hole that needs to be filled, or you can create a tract of soil that can be used for planting, leveling, or grading.

3. Pebble And Rock Delivery

Pebble and rock delivery may be simpler if you are using a hopper trailer. The trailer allows you to pour out pebbles or rocks in a certain spot. You may create a long line of pebbles or rocks, and you can dump the pebbles and rocks in a hole that you have driven over.

These trailers are useful for pebble and rock delivery because you can pour the rocks in the top of the trailer, pull the cover over the shipment, and drive to your next location. The cover prevents the rocks from flying out of the trailer on the road, and you can use these trailers for deliveries that are not meant to be piled in one place. If you want to get a hopper bottom trailer that also tips backward, you could pour out your load when needed.

 Five Uses For Hopper Bottom Trailers

4. Fertilizer Delivery

You can deliver fertilizer to the appropriate location using the hoppers on the bottom of the trailer. Again, you can pour fertilizer into the top of the trailer with no trouble. You can open the hoppers at any time, and you can measure how much has been released. Your client may ask you to drive over the area where the fertilizer is supposed to go, or you can dispense the fertilizer into a grate or container that is situated below the truck.

5. Sand/Land Reclamation Work

Sand is used in land reclamation work to help fill in the gaps. Land reclamation typically happens near the water, and sand can be used to cover the area as it is built up with stones or rocks. You may have used the hopper trailer to drop rocks along a stretch of coastline, or you can bring sand to the area in the same truck. You can open the hoppers while you are driving over the worksite, and you can release the sand near a hole that needs to be filled.

Additionally, you may fill the truck with other items that have been removed from the worksite. You can deliver the discarded items to a new location, and you do not need to change trailers.


A hopper trailer is useful when you are working in agriculture, land reclamation, or the delivery of raw materials. You can find a hopper trailer that only has one hopper, or you can get a trailer that has one in the front and one in the back. These trailers can be covered to prevent your materials from flying onto the road. Plus, you can deliver to any location you want because the hatch is easy to open, you can measure how much you have dispensed, and the trailers sit low to the ground for safe driving.