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Float Stool by nendo for Moroso


Japanese design studio nendo, run by renowned designer Oki Sato, designed Float, a stool that looks like floating in mid-air, for Italian furniture brand Moroso. 2 of the 4 legs have been cut off from under the seating surface, hence creating a visual effect where the seat looks like it is simply floating in the air. By utilizing the structure of the cantilever that only supports the back legs a cushiony feel has been given, with the intent to provide a varied comfortable seating experience. Float, unveiled on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2015, is available as a full-size seat or as a shorter foot stool.

2-float-stool-by-nendo-for-moroso 3-float-stool-by-nendo-for-moroso 4-float-stool-by-nendo-for-moroso 5-float-stool-by-nendo-for-moroso 6-float-stool-by-nendo-for-moroso 7-float-stool-by-nendo-for-moroso

all images © AKIHIRO YOSHIDA