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Ford Favilla Light Sculpture


During the 2015 Milan Design Week, Piazza San Fedele hosts the FordFAVILLA. To every light a voice” an installation  conceived by architect Attilio Stocchi which explores the essence of light. FAVILLA is a dark, opaque parallelepiped, a symbolic representation of what cannot yet be seen. The interiors of a magnificent prism constitute the core of FAVILLA, where light is intensified like in a crystal, producing stunning effects. It symbolises the metaphor of the geode: the discovery of an internal world that generates amazement and wonder.

The installation aims to illustrate the “manifestation” of light, associated each time with a particular sound. Light as a person, with its states of mind, with its voice because – as the great French film director Robert Bresson said – sound and voice travel straight to the heart and enable light to reach still deeper inside.

A journey mapped out inside the installation will provide visitors with a stunning immersive experience devoted entirely to light. On display until April 19th 2015, ‘FAVILLE’ celebrates 2015 – proclaimed the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies by UNESCO.


2-ford-favilla-light-sculpture 3-ford-favilla-light-sculpture 4-ford-favilla-light-sculpture 5-ford-favilla-light-sculpture

all images and video courtesy of FORD