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Four Perfect Plants to Fight Soil Erosion

Four Perfect Plants to Fight Soil Erosion

Landscaping your yard is the ideal way to create a practical, yet attractive, space in the areas outside of your home. As well as offering you the chance to inject your own sense of style and personality into your yard, landscaping is also important if you want an outdoor space that is functionable and allows you to use your yard in a way that works for you.

Whether you want a low maintenance space that requires little attention and TLC, or if you are up for a challenge and are eager to learn more about horticulture and how to utilize plants for different aspects of your outdoor space; there is one landscaping issue that can cause a whole host of problems – soil erosion.

Soil erosion can happen so slowly that you may not even notice it, or it can suddenly occur at an alarming rate; either way, it is a landscaper’s nightmare.

However, there are ways in which you can help control soil erosion, with the easiest and most attractive method being planting shrubs and other plants that have a root system which is effective at holding back soil on a hill.

The below five plants are both appealing to look at and great for controlling soil erosion.

 Four Perfect Plants to Fight Soil Erosion

Vinca Minor aka Creeping Myrtle

This fast-spreading flowering plant is a drought-tolerant ground cover, meaning that it requires little watering and so it is perfect for those wanting to take a less hands on approach to their yard.

If you have a steep hillside caused by soil erosion, plant this evergreen ground cover here as you will not need to access it often – simply plant it and let it do its own thing.

Forsythia Suspensa aka Weeping Forsythia

Shrubs can be equally as effective as horizontal plants in controlling soil erosion; in fact, if you need to see results quickly, shrubs are ideal as they have tougher roots that are able to retain soil incredibly effectively.

Weeping Forsythia is particularly beneficial for retaining soil on a slope as its drooping branches will take root and take on the same job as ground covers do. Not to mention the fact that this shrub produces beautiful trumpet-shaped bright yellow flowers in early to mid-spring.

However, it is worth noting that if you feel unable to control your soil erosion problem on your own, Granite Seed provide erosion control products such as mulch and erosion control blankets that are both highly effective.

 Four Perfect Plants to Fight Soil Erosion

Phlox subulate aka Creeping Phlox

If you want a real showstopper in your yard, that also has the ability to fight soil erosion, then this is the plant for you. A real sign that spring is on the way, when in bloom, Creeping Phlox displays a carpet of soft pastel-colored flowers.

This drought-tolerant, low growing, ground cover is best planted in rock-gardens, in borders or along walls or slopes.

Cotoneaster horizontalis aka Rockspray Cotoneaster

Another shrub, this horizontal plant puts down sturdy roots that are able to help stabilize itself into the ground on a slope, as well as its drooping branches being able to set down further roots.

This pretty shrub does not grow very tall (around 3 feet) and is therefore perfect for controlling soil erosion without looking too overpowering. Plus, its pretty red berries and fall foliage would make a sweet addition to any yard; big or small.