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FREAKS freearchitects refurbishes 35 sqm flat in Geneva


FREAKS freearchitects recently refurbished this flat in downtown Geneva, Switzerland, to provide the largest living space possible out of its 35 sqm extents. The concept is very clear and simple, by defining two equal stripes along the flat’s length, one half is devoted to living space while the other half is gathering all equipments – bed, kitchen, toilets, bathroom, and closet – in a row.


All walls, ceiling, doors have been painted white, while the existing wooden floor received a dark blue resin. The separation between the bedroom and the kitchen as well as the towards the bathroom are made in transparent glass to catch the maximum of natural light. All woodwork have been realized in white face filmed plywood. The sconces are designed by Charlotte Perriand and the ceiling light is a master piece designed especially for the project by Dutch architect and designer Mathijs Cremers.

 3-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva 4-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva 5-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva 6-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva 7-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva 8-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva 9-freaks-freearchitects-refurbishes-35-sqm-flat-in-geneva

all images © DAVID FOESSEL