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From Creating Contrast to Adding Unique Features: Easy Design Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen

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You may have heard the phrase, ‘The kitchen is the heart of the home’. This is the one room where families gather after a long day, enjoy good food and conversation. This is also one the busiest rooms in the house, so it just makes sense to keep it updated, stylish and functional. Also, bear in mind that creating a trendy kitchen doesn’t have to be a big project; in other words, with just a few easy tips and tricks, you can modernize your kitchen in no time and continue making memories in one of the most beloved rooms in the house.

Mix Light and Dark 

Just a few years back, neutral, gentles tones and seamless color combinations dominated the decor world; however, there’s one surprising and bold move on the horizon – contrast. Today, more and more people are choosing to add dramatic contrast. This goes for kitchen flooring, cabinets, and wall colors. So, let’s start with something as simple as black and white tiles. Just imagine how these two classy colors can create a timeless and dramatic impact. You can implement this in a smaller as well as bigger kitchen and give it that classic, Hollywood look. Other color combinations to consider for floors, kitchen furniture, and walls include dark steel blue with light mocha, deep pine green with gray pearl, and deep barn red with light peach.

 From Creating Contrast to Adding Unique Features: Easy Design Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen

Embrace Eclectic Features

You might have heard people say, ‘Less is more’ and in this case it truly is. In other words, one simple but unique feature can create a wow-factor in the entire room. So if you’re someone who already has a trendy functional kitchen, and just wants to add a small unique detail, change only one thing, like your kitchen door. Believe it or not, an eclectic door – be it ribbed, engraved, glass, etc. – can serve as the focal point in contrast to a stark wall. And if you want to take it to another level, repaint it to a dramatic color (deep teal or caramel honey) that goes well with other hues in the room. So, basically, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something bold. And speaking of functionality, experts at equityplumbingoc.com suggest having regular maintenance check ups when it comes to plumbing as it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Also, as you may know, low water pressure, clogged drains and other inconveniences are no fun, so this is definitely one detail to keep in mind when giving your kitchen a touch-up.

Warm Tones Are Coming

The two biggest color trends designers are in love with are the soybean and latte. This means, if you’re thinking about replacing or re-painting your cabinets or kitchen furniture, these are the hues to look for. The great thing about these two nuances is that they go really well with cool colors like gray or even light blue, which means you don’t have to get rid of these colors if you already have them. What is more, keep them for contrast as they will help the warmer colors pop. The same goes for curtains; don’t be afraid to experiment with cools and warms.

As you can see, bolder, more dramatic, yet classy is what most designers are shooting for these days. So, don’t hesitate to embrace these changes and create a charming, inviting functional yet comfy kitchen where you can continue making new memories with your loved ones.