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From “Smart” to “Maybach”: 5 of the Coolest Brabus Projects


Among the numerous tuning studios involved in Mercedes-Benz cars, Brabus stands apart. It is in the bowels of this company that the wildest projects in the best sense of the word are born.

All Brabus parts are custom and professionally made, giving designers more freedom in their work. Particular attention is paid to monoblock wheels, which design used to be an exclusive characteristic of alloy wheels while maintaining the high mechanical strength normally associated with traditional forged wheels. Such Brabus monoblock wheels you can find at reliable suppliers like Mercteil and others.

The Brabus is ready to take on the refinement of not only modern models, but also bring exclusively to Smart and Maybach. This collection contains 6 of the most iconic and interesting projects of the guys from Bottrop.

Brabus 92R

The first version appeared in 2003, and the latest was introduced in March 2021. It is a new milestone for the company because they took an electric city car as a basis (Smart now produces only such cars).

Brabus specialists have worked more on the exterior – they added carbon mirror caps, a lowered suspension with adjustable parameters, stylish black Brabus rims, and a Brabus body kit. In the cabin – expensive fine leather and luminous door sills. Only 50 of these convertibles will be made. Each is twice as expensive as the basic modification.

Brabus Rocket 900 One Of Ten

The Rocket series appeared in 2006. These are the coolest cars from the Brabus line. The firstborn was the Mercedes CLS W219 with a 6.2-liter V12 engine and 730 hp. It was built from a 5.5-liter M275 unit. Acceleration to hundreds takes 3.2 s, the speed limit is almost 366 km/h.

The top of the “rocket” range today is the Brabus Rocket 900 One Of Ten. As the name implies, only ten of these were released. Behind the modified appearance of the 4-door Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic +, 900 “horses” are hidden. The motor, however, is already a 4.4-liter V8. Teleportation from a place to a hundred occurs in 3.2 s.

 Brabus 92R alloy rim

Brabus E V12

The E-class entered the sphere of interest of the studio after the flagship “S” and the small 190E. Already in 1993, in the era of the W124 body, a V12 engine was inserted into it. For starters – 6.9 liters and 508 forces. But even before the generation change, the sedan managed to try on a 7.3-liter engine with a maximum output of 582 hp.

In 2009, the Brabus E V12 was released in the One Of Ten series. Its characteristic feature, in addition to the engine and complete Brabus kit, was the rear wheels covered with shields.

G 63 AMG 6×6 Brabus 700

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz surprised the automotive world by rolling out a pickup truck based on Gelendevagen as a limited edition. The body was lengthened, it was hoisted onto portal bridges and the third axle was rolled up, making the wheel formula 6×6. The basis was the AMG G 63 version. Of course, Brabus could not stand aside and soon gave birth to a new project.

Instead of 544 hp, there were already 700 forces. The Brabus exhausts looked brutal and acceleration time to hundreds was reduced from 6 to 4.4 seconds. With such parameters and six driving wheels, the car would rather get to the core of the earth than get stuck. It is better to keep silent about the consumption of gasoline.

Brabus Maybach SV12

The first experience happened in 2004 when the revived Maybach was still an independent brand, and not a modest prefix to Mercedes. The engine was pumped from 5.5 liters and 550 hp to 6.3 liters and 640 hp. The short wheelbase modification accelerated to hundreds in 4.9 seconds and reached a top speed of 300 km/h. The stretched performance was slightly slower: 5.2 s and 250 km/h.

The Brabus studio worked especially thoughtfully on the interior. One fact is enough: it took more than 1.2 km of leather thread to re-flash the interior of the limousine: they redid all the stitches! An integrated computer with Internet access 17 years ago was also a non-trivial thing.