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Insulated Garden Rooms are The Ideal Office Space

Insulated Garden Rooms are The Ideal Office Space

It is estimated that half of the United Kingdoms workforce will be working remotely by 2020, so it makes sense that many professionals are looking to secure more peaceful working premises within their home. However, for some, this is easier said than done, and many of us can find that were trying to work within the cramped confines of a small house. Of course, there are options available, such as hiring office space or building an extension, but these can come at a very high price point, but what other options are available? Given the demand for comfortable working space, there has been an increase in demand for insulated garden rooms from suppliers such as UrbanPods. Given that they offer the same comfortable working environment of an office at a fraction of the price, its not surprising that garden rooms are becoming the focus of many freelancers.

Only Pay for What You Need

Its becoming common for office space to either be too big or too small, so more of than not you will end up paying for more office space that you need. House conversions and extensions can offer more legroom when it comes to the design aspect, but this can be a costly avenue to explore.

Securing your professional premises via an insulated garden room ensures that you can opt for what features you need and dismiss those you dont. You can even ensure that the office space itself is tailored to your exact measurementsAlthough this will incur an upfront cost, the savings a freelancer can make over time make an insulated garden toom the ideal choice when choosing a workspace.

Never Get Bored of the View

People invest a lot of time into their garden to allow them to enjoy the summer, but wouldnt it be great if this view was part of your everyday lifeWell, this is now possible thanks to the many garden rooms available. No longer do you have to stare at a blank wall or the murky environment outside of an office block, as you can simply open your window and embrace the beautiful scenery around you as you work.

 Insulated Garden Rooms are The Ideal Office Space

Professional Finish

Its often thought that we should dress for success, but how does this tie in with the environment we work in? Many of us may have tried to work in a garage or shed but will be the first to admit that it isnt ideal when trying to run a business. Just as we should feel good in what we wear, the environment we work in can also have a dampening effect on our productivity if were trying to work in the wrong environment.

As well as being able to offer a professional interior, a garden room also looks great from the outside. In fact, if you werent so familiar with the surroundings, youd be convinced you were walking into a businessSo, whats the catch? The truth is there isnt one. Garden rooms by their very nature are easier to construct and erect, an dont require a timely process like other solutions. So why not embrace the benefits today?

Good Sound Management

Depending on our area of expertise, there will be times when the work we carry out needs to be kept private, including the messages we send and the phone calls we make. The disadvantage of using public areas such as coffee shops to carry out work is that there will be other people nearby. This isnt to say they all have sinister intentions, but when it comes to sensitive information, its better to be safe than sorry. Not only does a garden room keep all confidential information away from prying eyes, it also ensures that delicate phone calls arent leaked out to the outside world.

The soundproofing qualities of a garden room also make them a good office for those who produce media such as music or video. The office could even be tailored for budding YouTubers who require a space that’s practical while still being aesthetically pleasing when used in videos. The possibilities are truly endless.

No Sudden Interruptions

It may easy for adults to make themselves scarce when working, but children are a different matter. Their vert nature makes them inquisitive, so will always be keen to interrupt to ask what youre doing. While this may be harmless fun initially, it can actually hinder productivity.

Of course, there are still other interruptions to consider, such as cold callers and mail deliveries but they can all add up over the day. Having a separate space away from the household lets people know that youre working and ensures that youre no constantly hindered by doorbells and phone calls.

 Insulated Garden Rooms are The Ideal Office Space

Dress Down If You Want

Although many of us will need to maintain a professional image for Skype calls and business meetings, if were running late one day, theres nothing wrong with getting some work done in your pajamas. Being late for work can be very stressful, especially if there are other obstacles in the way during your commutes, such as lackluster public transport or adverse weather conditions. Getting up late when working from home can be stressful, but we can often calm ourselves knowing that we merely have to take a few steps, and just wear whats nearby.

Using a garden room as an office gives you all the benefits of a conventional office, without any of the drawbacks. If youre truly looking for a workspace that is both affordable and professional, then look no further then a garden room.