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GMF Fruits by Enrico Becker + Matt Harris

Enrico Becker and Matt Harris

German photographer Enrico Becker and his friend Matt Harris have realized this surreal photo series, titled ‘GMF Fruits’, that features a blue pineapple, pink bananas, and an orange kiwi as his protagonists, for the new and upcoming Ligature Magazine issue zero. The idea behind the project was to challenge preconceptions of GMO’s and have a fun look into what genetically modified food could look like.

The end result of the shoot was combined in an awesome 2 spread magazine layout with an well written article about genetic modified food by Matt Harris . The idea was to create a combination between the editorial shoots and the written text.

 genetically-modified-fruits-by-enrico-becker-matt-harris-2 genetically-modified-fruits-by-enrico-becker-matt-harris-3 genetically-modified-fruits-by-enrico-becker-matt-harris-4 genetically-modified-fruits-by-enrico-becker-matt-harris-5 genetically-modified-fruits-by-enrico-becker-matt-harris-6 genetically-modified-fruits-by-enrico-becker-matt-harris-7

all images by Enrico Becker and Matt Harris