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German VS Japanese cars: Which One’s Are Better?

Honda E charging in an electric vehicle charging station


The battle on the top two high standard automobile producing countries, Germany and Japan is never-ending!

What’s comes to your mind when we say Japanese cars or German cars? You instantly think of brands such as Audi, Toyota, BMW and Honda! Both brands are high in demand and have consumption of a good number of customers annually. Since, both the automobiles companies are always finding better ways to ensure premium-quality service for their loyal customers. Therefore, it gets hard to say which ones are better than the others at times.

Let’s see if you can make up your mind after knowing about who’s the best manufacturing automobiles company in the world!

1. The Different Audiences:

The targeting market of both automobiles varies to an extent. The widely popular brands are loved by their audience-for all good reasons. 

Therefore, First thing first: Who are the people that like Japanese cars to German ones and vice versa?

  • German Cars: 

German cars are known for being lavish, high-quality, expensive, powerful, and for their precision. These are some of the aspects that summarize the German cars best to their reputation! 

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  • Japanese Cars:

Japanese cars are made for mass production since they are durable reliable and sustainable. The Japanese car brands are highly-respected and well-known for these facts that.

Now, let’s discover the cost of quality-standard to the driving experience in a lot more of both automobile manufacturing countries:

2. Reliability:

Japanese cars are widely famous for their durability. It’s not a hidden fact that the company manufactures the car for mass production. When Japanese brands bring any new car into the market they spent a lot of time in engineering, manufacturing, to ensure premium quality. 

  • Japanese cars

Therefore, the Japan cars are widely known for being durable to reliable as well as can be driven easily. The cars can be operated by almost anyone who has a driving license.  

From being user friendly to cost-effective, no other country does it well than Japan’s automotive industry. Also, when it comes to reliability Japan gets the trophy!

  • German cars

The German automobile industry is the place where technology meets creativity! We all know German cars are always the foremost brand when it comes to speed and accuracy. The durability of German automobiles is also not bad only if you don’t compare it to Japanese cars!

 The German automobiles are designed for people who love moving in style. Due to the higher premium budget of the automobile industry, you’d get to experience the enhanced features, to best engineering style of research-based vehicles that adds more layers of refinement.

Hence, you’d experience the best of both worlds and relish the modest to luxurious automobiles!


3. The Cost:

  • German cars

The cost per unit of both brands is varied to the next level. Japanese cars are known for more affordable prices whereas German car brands speak for themselves. The overall quality standard, maintenance costs as well as engineering differences of German cars makes them more expensive. The world-famous luxury cars such as BMW, Audi, and Porsche are performance-based. Therefore, the prices varied for both brands. 

  • Japanese cars

On the other hand, in Japan as a top-selling automaker, you can get a pretty decent vehicle for $5,000 amount! The affordability makes it definitive why the Japanese cars are more famous in the U.S and globally too! The brand new 2019 Lexus LFA is about $450,000 and a Porsche Carrera GT 2007 is twice as expensive! 

 BMW 8-series front

4. Design or Aesthetic:

  • German cars

The German cars are made to show off-in all good ways! If you are driving around in an Audi then you are known to have a luxurious lifestyle. Almost, every car made by my German automakers is smooth and sleek, shiny, classy as well as modified in the best possible way than the last one! Therefore, the aesthetics of German car brands are on a whole next level! 

  • Japanese cars

Now, Japanese automobiles have a more modest approach when it comes to aesthetics to the style of the cars. It all goes down to the affordability to cost to the different targeting audiences. Furthermore, the Japanese brands also try to sell more and can target volume. The quick production rate, affordable rates speak for their minimal style approach!

5. The Quality Standard:

The quality standard of both countries matches no other and isn’t for debate!

Just as you don’t find Porsche or Beemer being manufactured anywhere else in the world similarly you can’t beat Japan’s ability to produce premium-quality, built-to-last automobiles as well.

German automobiles are ever-popular for their quality production. The cars that last for a lifetime! Japan is also unbeatable. 

Did you know that the U.S auto market contains almost 35 percent of the best Japanese automobiles?

Well, now you know. Comparatively, the high-end market is known to be targeted by Germans for all the obvious reasons including mainly power and luxury!

But the quality award is well-deserved by both countries. 

6. The Driving Experience:

The driving experience- can be summarized as German cars are out of the world whereas Japanese cars are from the earth!

Why? Fast speed, adrenaline thrill, dominant, luxurious are always the words that come to your mind whenever someone mentions any German car brand!

Whereas, Japanese cars are known for being user-friendly, comfort level as well as durability of their automobiles. 

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Author: Ida Schmidt is a well-known automobile specialist. She is fluent in 5 different languages and loves to drive around Germany in luxurious cars. She travels around the world to search for innovative vehicles.