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Gi FlyBike, World’s First Full Size Foldable Electric Smart Bike

Gi FlyBike

With the aim to transform urban commuting around the world, a trio of Argentineans friends Luca Toledo (tech-passionate entrepreneur), Agustín Agostinoy (industrial designer) and Eric Sevillia (business guru) created the Gi FlyBike, the world’s first full size foldable electric smart bike.

Lightweight (37 lbs) and easy-to-use, Gi FlyBike is mobile phone integrated, eco- friendly and folds in one-second and one-motion for seamless portability.


The bike is loaded with features including full-sized, 26” tires, 3-speed electric assistance propelling riders up hills and traveling 40 miles on one charge, a GPS tracking system, iOS and Android sync turning any smartphone into a full-view navigation system, a smart-lock anti-theft system that remotely secures the bike and allows sharing with friends, and USB phone charging.


Gi FlyBike is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The first 300 bikes for “early bird” backers will be priced at $1990 USD, after which the cost will be $2290 USD for the remainder of the campaign. Orders are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2016.



all images and videoG courtesy of Gi FlyBike