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Giving Your Home Office a Revamp

Home office seen from above

The last few years have seen a revolution in the way that we work. While it was the novel coronavirus that prompted us to make the switch to home-working, the practice confers several major advantages. It means we can get to work without travelling, and that we can strike a better balance between work and family life. 

Among the biggest advantages of a home-office is that we can tweak our work environment to suit our own particular work style. Too often, however, this means an office space that’s chaotic and unfocussed. 

Let’s run through a few of the changes you might make to help get the most from this increasingly important space.

Clear the Desk

If you’re surrounded by clutter, then you’re less likely to be able to focus on what’s really important. Make sure that you’ve got storage available for anything that might be hanging around. This might come in the form of under-desk drawers – or a handy shredder for documents that you know you’re not going to need for long.

Invest in the right desk

A quality desk should fill the space, and be functional enough while still being a pleasure to look at for the entirety of your working day. The surface of the desk should be parallel with your elbows when you’re working. You might look for something adjustable, so that you can get some work done while standing. Or, you might instead adjust the chair. Speaking of which…

 Modern home office with a view

Invest in the right chair

The right chair is one that offers support for your lower back and shoulders, and which encourages the right posture. The difference between an expensive chair and a more affordable one might not be apparent right from the start – but in the long term, your posture will thank you. Note that no chair can act as a substitute for the right exercise regimen – so make sure that you don’t neglect that core!

Layer Lighting

Constant exposure to blue light can interfere with your sleep – especially late at night. Layer in some warmer light with the help of standing, pendant and desk lamps that can be turned off and on as you need them.

Keep the Décor Neutral

If you’re working with bold colours around you, you might find yourself more easily distracted. Go for something blander and more neutral wherever possible. This applies especially to the wall that you’re facing during your work day.

Greenify the Space

House plants have a proven positive effect on focus and concentration. They also help to bolster your mood – which might make all the difference when you’re facing a long day at the office. Go for low-maintenance succulents or hanging vines, which tend to have the greatest visual impact for not very much investment.