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Why Glass Shelves are Most Feasible to Meet Small Room Requirements?

Why Glass Shelves are Most Feasible to Meet Small Room Requirements?

Are you living in an apartment with a rather small area and you are in a constant battle of maximizing the space and making it look more spacious? Besides meticulous planning and organizing, interior designers are here to help you with a bunch of decorating tips and tricks such as using bright colors, having large mirrors, and installing glass shelves with the help of floating glass shelf brackets and glass furniture. First Time Hearing About Glass Furniture? If so, read on, because it might be just the solution that you have been searching for. Why choose glass shelving? Although the concept of using glass as a shelf might be new to you, you’d be surprised to find out the number of advantages it has, especially in small homes. The constant craves for open space while maintaining functionality can be quite the challenge even for the most professional and educated interior designers. However, you don`t need a college degree nor that much of knowledge to decide that the tempered glass shelves installed with the help of floating shelf brackets will be the thing that is missing in your cute, small home. The only thing you need to do is read on the following few reasons that will surely persuade you on why you should get glass shelves in your home.

1. Classy Interior

First, if you are aiming to create a chic look, you should definitely consider adding glass shelves. In the past few years, not only interior designers but also architects have broadly accepted and employed the minimalistic designs in order to make space feel brighter, larger, and more open. Its shiny finish together with the smooth edges creates a unique yet elegant blended look. Furthermore, the glass is a transparent material which allows natural light to pass through it and create a relaxing interior design.

On the other hand, their transparency will allow you to put a subtle emphasis on the things you intend showcasing while. With their usage, you can forget about worrying whether or not the shelves will overshadow your most valuable and sentimental pieces. Because of the simple yet elegant, transparent design and the floating glass shelf brackets, the shelves won`t dominate but instead your trophies, achievements, and favorite books. You can forget about the bulk and traditional wooden shelves that tend to close and visually limit the already small space!

2. Durable And Low Maintenance

Probably the first thing that comes in your mind when considering glass shelves is their safety, durability, and maintenance. Instinctively we tend to link glass with fragility and “deep cuts” made by it, but we are more than happy to inform you that you can let go of that idea. Nowadays, the glass shelves are made from tempered (toughened) glass meaning it is strengthened by several thermal and chemical treatments, its edges are smooth and polished without any sharp edges remaining and they are quite simple to install with floating glass shelf brackets. Additionally, tempered glass shelves tend to crumble into tiny granular chunks instead of sharp jagged shards that can be dangerous and it can be up to seven times stronger than the regular glass. Next time you think that implementing glass can be risky and dangerous, think about the skyscrapers and modern buildings which are literally covered in glass and consider that things and times are surely changed. Tempered glass shelves are resilient, durable, and 100% safe and secure.

Besides being durable and easy to install (with glass shelf brackets), you`d be more than happy to find out that these tempered glass shelves are low maintenance too. Just grab a simple micro-fiber cloth, and you are good to go – wipe away the dirt and the dust from them. We know, no one wants to spend an entire day cleaning and dusting, and with choosing glass, shelves-you won`t have to! Ten minutes is all it takes to clean them and make them shiny again. Furthermore, unlike the regular shelves, no need to worry about damage from liquids when you own glass shelving because they are waterproof. Because of this characteristic, they are commonly used and seen in the bathrooms.

3. Spectacular Ambient When Lit Up

Besides installing them, if you are willing to take it up a notch and put in bits of extra effort to make your room extra special, you should consider instilling tempered glass shelves with LED lights. The combination of transparency and subtle light passing through the shelves will be a superb way to add a particular focal point in the room by installing them with floating glass shelf brackets. Modern and chic put an accent to your favorite corner in the living room, or maybe a specific area in the kitchen, or add a dose on intimacy and dim lights in the bathroom. Don`t be scared to be creative and innovative. Play with them and maximize the limited space you have in your small home.

4. Versatile

Probably one of the best characteristics is their versatility. Tempered glass shelves come in so many shapes, colors, and forms that it would be nearly impossible to choose. As we previously mentioned no matter where you decide to install them with the help of shelf brackets, they will fit in perfectly, allowing you to display your favorite objects without unnecessarily cluttering the room. Although we are here to explain them and make things a bit easier for you, we guarantee you can`t make that much of a mistake by choosing any of it.

• Rectangle Floating Glass Shelf

If you are searching for a functional yet modern option for storage you should definitely consider the rectangle glass shelves. On top of tightly holding the shelves in place, the floating glass shelf brackets make them look as they are floating on the wall. Attractive yet practical, you will be able to find them in many colors such as bright red, classic black, transparent, vivid green, etc.

• Triangle and Quarter Circle Floating Glass Shelf

Adding another creative dimension to the dull corners of your room has never been easier. You can either choose a Triangle or a Quarter Circle Glass Shelf and make an exciting order while highlighting and arranging some of your belongings. The Quarter Circle shelf also held by floating glass shelf brackets, in particular, will be the ultimate space saver and an ideal fit for the corners. Display a simple collection of your favorite framed pictures, decorative flower pots, and more.

• Customized Glass Shelving

If you are looking for something more specific or if you have a more creative idea that cannot be fulfilled by any of the listed options, you can always order a custom-made tempered glass shelf. Unique yet fully functional, getting a custom-made shelf will give a dose of edginess and elegance to the overall interior. However, make sure you take the right measurements.


Don`t be scared to experiment with tempered glass shelves held by shelf brackets. As soon as you mount them in your home, you will realize the endless benefits and possibilities. Install them in your living room on a dark background, or maybe add a dose of elegance in your home bar, or add glass shelves traditionally in your bathroom to create a light and open décor, or perhaps in your kitchen, or even in your working area to align some extra books and literature.

Have fun while decorating your home because at the end of the day it is a reflection of your personality and the things that you love. Sometimes even the smallest spaces can have the most coziness, character, and warmth and most certainly it`s up to you to decorate it that way!