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Gray Malin’s Colored Sheep for the Dream Series


Photographer Gray Malin‘s Dream Series brings its viewers on a surreal journey through a vibrantly colored dream world with fancy sheep. This new series is born out from the crowd and foster a sense of individuality. Traveling to rural Australia, Gray worked with a family of third-generation sheep farmers who professionally misted each sheep with a vegetable base, rinseable dye to give them a bright colored hue.

“Through the transformation of these otherwise white creatures into a rainbow of color, I hope to spark and idea; that we are all individuals, and should not be afraid to bare out true colors, dare to dream and shine for all to see” explains Gray.

20% of the proceeds form the series will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation to help inspire those who dream their ultimate dreams.

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all images © GRAY MALIN – video courtesy of GRAY MALIN