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Great Moving Packing Tricks

Couple making boxes for moving

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When you have found a new home waiting for you, the new chapter of your life lies between finding boxes and packing. To pack everything correctly can be daunting and more tiresome than getting ready for a vacation or a holiday trip. You should use our packing tips for moving to make the process easier and faster. Our detailed guide will save your time, keep your things safe, and nerves strong. So, let’s get started!

What’s better: move yourself or hire a moving company?

First of all, you should decide if you prefer to move and pack things yourself, or hiring a professional moving company is your choice number one. Packing personally has some advantages. Here is the list of them.

Reducing costs

Definitely, packing and moving personally is cheaper. Ask your friends or family to help you and save some funds that you may use in your new residence. Anyway, you should still find costs to hire a moving truck, to provide meals to the helpers, to get packing material in the nearby stores and many unpredictable things you will meet in the process.

More personal

When you pack and move stuff without professional movers, the process is more personal. Many people cannot stand strangers in their apartments.

Benefits of movers

Hiring a company of moving professionals offers lots of benefits.

You may relax

One of the biggest benefits of hiring moving and packing companies is that you can sit and relax. They can do everything from packing to moving and even unpacking in your new location. Without lifting a finger, you can control the process and say how you prefer it to be packed. The company will treat fragile things very carefully and you do not have to worry at all.

Time-savvy and efficient

Moving companies not only save your time, they know how to pack and move everything very fast. Yes, it would be cheaper for you to make everything personally, but when you are out of time, professionals will make it much faster. Efficiency is very important in the moving process, especially if you pay for an hour to the company.

Insurance and injures

When you lift heavy things, there can be dangerous accidents to happen. Professional movers usually have insurance and you do not have to worry about any accidents. 

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How to pack properly?

If you decide to pack everything personally, we want to offer you the moving packing list that you may use.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Before starting to pack boxes, explore all the stuff and get rid of the items you have not used for a long time. It will make the overwhelming moving process a little bit easier and faster when the M-day is at the door.

Create a moving folder

It is a comfortable place to keep all notes and plans for moving. You can add all your things and plans want to make, buy, order, keep in the online folder, and mark when it is done. Use modern technologies to simplify the moving planning period.

Start early

The earlier you begin, the more time you have to fix everything. When you know the date, start packing. First of all, pack out-of-season items, then the things that you never use. 

Find a moving company early

Start looking for a moving company as soon as you can, especially if you plan to move in a hot season. Early booking can offer you lower prices.

Get packing equipment

When you start packing, you will need lots of special packing equipment. It is not enough to get only boxes. Make a special box for packing tape, permanent markers, garbage bags, paper towels, adhesive bandages, box cutters, and the rest of the packing supplies.

Keep essentials

It is hard to live a normal life when all is packed. So leave all essential things with you and place them in a separate backpack or a suitcase that you will keep close to you.

Order a loading ramp truck

A loading ramp should be your choice if you plan to move things and furniture personally or with a help of your friends. A truck with a loading ramp is more expensive but it is worth this money to pay. It is safer to use a ramp to avoid injuries.


The moving period can be tiresome if you want to do it yourself. We offer you to hire a professional moving company who will solve all moving problems and get any moving advice if you need it.